Unity Base condemns Violation Of Supreme Court’s ‘Stay Orders’

-Terms Impeachment Unhealthy For Democracy
A local civil society Group, Unity Base, has taken serious exceptions to what it called the ‘flagrant violation of the Supreme Court’s stay order’ directives by a lower court and the Legislative branch of Government.
According to a press statement from Unity Base, the violation happened in the proceedings that led to Associate Justice Kabineh Mohamed Janneh’s impeachment last week.The statement reads: Unity Base follows with keen interest the ongoing impeachment melee at the Legislature involving Justice Kabineh Mohammed Ja’aneh, one of five justices of the Supreme Court of Liberia that has been forwarded to the Liberian Senate.
The bill of impeachment, which was sponsored by Representatives Acarious Moses Gray and Thomas Fallah stated as reasons why Associate Justice Janneh should be impeached several reasons, including his gross abuse and misuse of judicial power in the discharge of his functions as Justice of the Supreme Court as well as theft of property.
Unity Base believes that the action of a lower court that led to the lower House impeaching Associate Justice Kabineh Mohamed Janeh is a fragrant disregard to a Supreme Court’s “Stay Order”, noting that it was part of the processes leading to the passage of the bill of impeachment, something that it is unhealthy for Liberia’s nascent democracy.
The action of the House of Representative in disobeying the order of the highest court in the land, according to Musa Keita, the Strategic Media Coordinator of the Group, sets a bad precedence for the spirit of coordination with regards to the functions of the three branches of government.
Moreover, Unity Base is of the strongest convictions that the allegations contained in the bill of impeachment against Justice Ja’neh are politically motivated and sees it as a reprisal for his landmark stance against the first-round victory of the Coalition for Democratic Change party, when all other members of the Supreme court bench had a diverging opinion following the 2017 Presidential and Legislative elections.
Now that the bill of impeachment has been submitted to the House of Senate for trial, the institution believes that the ongoing process borders on national security, and if executed would drive a dagger in the belly of the much heralded national reconciliation agenda of the CDC-led government.
Furthermore, the ongoing process casts an ugly aspersion on the independence of the judiciary in the eyes of much needed investors and the international community. It further calls into question the commitment of the CDC-Led Government to the full adherence to the rule of law.
Hence, Unity Base calls on the Liberian Senate to reject in its entirety the submitted bill of impeachment, as a means of saving the sanctity of the Liberian legislature and to a larger extent the integrity of the judiciary.
The group ardently believes that the CDC-led government would avert every string of distraction, which the group believes is the category in which this impeachment brouhaha belongs; as there is always a need to promote a spirit of national development and reconciliation in furtherance of peace.
May God bless Mama Liberia, I Thank you fe4llow compatriots.

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