Sheik Kromah Calls For Unity Among Muslims

By Robert Dixon
The Executive Director of the Ahul–Bayt-(AS) Assembly for Development who is also the Special Representative of Ahul –Bayt-(AS) World Assembly Sheik Aswary M. Kromah, is calling for unity among all Muslins in the Country.
He said there is complete disunity among Muslims due to basic differences which has made some to create hatred for each other.
He added that they have broken their religion through division into sects, each group rejoicing in its belief, each being either Shia or Sunni IslamSheik Kromah made the call over the weekend in Brewerville, at a program marking the celebration of great Allah Eid AlGadirquim Anniversary, also known as the Appointment of Imam Ali as his successor by Prophet Mohammed
According to him, such groups of people support have ideas which are not based on the truth, and should use them only to serve their own purposes, whereas the Noble Qur’an refers all arguments to one source,
Sheik Kromah said that unfortunately, the weakness of the Muslim world today is because of this type of disunity.
He said if Muslims are united there will be unity and strength among them, and that they will be able to build more schools and Universities as well as health centers in the country.
“Even if scholarships are given to other Muslims to enable them get higher education they will discriminate against that officer “He said

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