Liberia Ready For Global Free Trade System

-As Pres. Weah committed to the One-China Policy
President George Manneh Weah has said Liberia is determined to work with China and other African countries to expand the win-win collaboration between Africa and China, and to defend the multilateralism of the international order and the world free trade system.
Making the commitment at the close of the Forum on China-Africa Corporation (FOCAC) in Beijing on Monday, President Weah added that Liberia remains firmly committed to the One-China Policy and the China-Africa joint collaboration under the “Belt and Road” initiative.“Under my administration, Liberia will take all necessary measures to enhance the already strong bilateral relations and cooperation existing between our two countries. Let me assure you that Liberia-China relations will reach new levels as we work together to achieve the mutual aspirations of our peoples,” President Weah emphasized.
He noted that Liberia remains grateful to the Government and people of China for the strong support and assistance it has received from China over the years, noting, “Through your generosity, we have been the beneficiary of many significant infrastructure developments, which have had a direct and positive impact on improving the quality of life of our citizens.”
The Liberian leader believes that the policies derived at the just-ended FOCAC meeting will strengthen the already existing unity and cooperation between China and the developing countries of Africa.
President Weah hoped that the deliberations at the FOCAC Summit will renew and strengthen the bonds of friendship and collaboration that already subsist between Africa and China, to the mutual benefit of all.
The Liberian leader pointed out that the summit which is a measure of Chinese commitment to the development and transformation of Africa, provides the leaders of Africa the opportunity to meet and dialogue with the Government of China.
“This commitment is characterized by core Chinese principles such as sincerity, affinity, and good faith. The values of mutual friendship and shared development interests will continue to shape China-Africa relations in the years to come,” President Weah emphasized.
He observed that under the able leadership President Xi Jinping, China-Africa relations have attained new heights as there has been a significant increase of investments in infrastructure, agriculture, health, education, public housing, as well as in other critical sectors across various African countries.
The Liberia leader meanwhile recounted the exceptional assistance of China to Liberia during the Ebola pandemic which afflicted its citizens in 2014 and 2015, adding: “China was the very first country to provide humanitarian support to Liberia in the form of material supplies, equipment, and medical personnel to assist us to effectively combat this disease.”
He said this gesture on the part of China is a true reflection of the compassion and humanitarianism of President Xi Jinping who continues to pay greater attention to the epidemic situation in West Africa, and has declared that China will continue to help African countries fight against this epidemic, for which Liberia and Africa are deeply grateful.
President also lauded China for its support to peace and security in Africa, stressing: “China has actively supported the peacekeeping capacity of several member states of the African Union, which has enhanced our efforts and capabilities to solve regional issues independently.”

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