MCC Commends Monrovia Residents

-For Observing City Ordinance
The Monrovia City Corporation (MCC) has observed with great optimism that residents of Monrovia are now adhering to some of the city ordinances since the city government embarked on a vigorous campaign to keep Monrovia clean and green for everyone within the territorial confines and beyond.
In an effort to keep the city as the first face of Liberia, the city government in collaboration with her multilateral partners placed dirt buckets in strategic positions and communities for the purpose of disposing dirt instead of dropping them in the streets and communities.The Monrovia City Corporation is not taking this issue of illegal and indiscriminate waste disposal by residents lightly and has since deployed city police officers at every skip bucket located in Monrovia to track those individuals who are in the constant habit of illegally disposing dirt.
Monrovia city police were instructed to take care of those buckets to ensure community members and pedestrians don’t drop dirt in the streets and communities or around the buckets instead of dropping them in the buckets.
Community members and others were warned of the consequences of violating the mandate from the Monrovia city government. It was announced that violators would be arrested and asked to pay fines based on the gravity of the violation.
The decision from the city government was greeted with mix-reactions from the public as some individuals even politicized the decision from the Monrovia city corporation. But the city government maintains that the intend of the decision was not to hunt anyone, but to help keep Monrovia clean and green for everyone.
The city government’s decision is in line with the City Ordinance #1, section 5, 10 and 11. Since the launch of the buckets in the streets and community campaign, several Liberians were arrested for violating the mandate or city ordinance for disposing dirt in the streets.
But after several arrests and publicity regarding the danger of disposing dirt in the streets and communities, the city government has realized the drastic reduction in the behavior of Liberians and others just dropping dirt in the streets.
The municipal government is therefore calling on all to get involved in cleaning the city and ensure it is clean and green because health is everyone’s business.

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