Min. Sirleaf Extols Legislature

-For Local Gov’t Act Passage
Internal Affairs Minister, Varney A. Sirleaf has hailed the National Legislature for the passage of Local Government Act.
Speaking Thursday at the Ministry of Information regular press conference in Monrovia, Min. Sirleaf stated that the Act was a legal and regulatory framework that backs the decentralization program which was instituted by the Government. He indicated that the legal instrument is a pro-poor tool which, according to him, will help in alleviating the burden of travelling from the various counties to come to Monrovia in search of basic services.
The Internal Affairs Minister noted that the decentralization program is intended to help take some of the power from central government and devolve it to local county authorities.
In 2015, former Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf presented a Bill titled: “The Local Government Act” to the 53rd National Legislature for enactment.
In the communication to the Legislature, former Pres.Sirleaf explained that the Bill was pursuant to Article 5 of the Liberian Constitution, which mandates the Legislature to enact laws promoting national unification and the encouragement of all citizens to participate in governance and benefit from the social, economic and political developments of the country.
The former Presidentalso observed that the Bill seeks to actualize the National Policy of Decentralization and local governance by establishing democratic and political administrative structures at the local government level.
“It also provides for the democratic elections of certain local government officials,” she said.
The Bill, according to the former Liberian leader “adheres to the Constitution of Liberia, which declares emphatically that Liberia is a unitary State; therefore, the decentralization, delegation, and devolution of powers and authority provided for in this Bill do not in any way alter, nor should be construed to alter the unitary government of the Republic.”
The Bill was passed by the House of Representatives and sent to the Liberian Senate in 2016 and finally passed by the

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