Mufti Called For Unity Among Liberians

-As League Of Muslim Ready To Invests In Liberia
The league of Muslim Nations has agreed to strengthen their relationship with the government of Liberia by investing in the Liberian economy.
The Muslims Nations made the commitment at a meeting with the Muslim leaders at the recent pilgrimage in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.The Liberian Pilgrims had a meeting with the leaders of the Bank of Saudi Arabia and the Secretary general of the Muslim World league who agreed to visit Liberia after diplomatic discussions with Liberian Authorities.
Speaking to reporters over the weekend upon the arrival of the last group of pilgrims to Liberia, Grand Mufti Sheikh Abubakar Sumaworo said the Liberian delegation encouraged direct foreign investment in Liberia and aid.
The delegation included lawmakers, Lawyers, Diplomats, Imams and Business personalities among others.
The delegation also held discussion with the Imams of the two grand Mosques in Saudi Arabia for a join prayer for the Country’s growth and development and success of the government of President George Weah.
Mufti Sumaworo explained that the Liberian Delegation also held a special prayer on the main day of the Hajj for the success of the president and government of Liberia.
Mufti Sumaworo told the Muslim Leaders that President George Weah administration is working to correct some of the historical injustices and is treating every Liberian equally regardless of religious affiliation.
The Spiritual Leader of the Muslim Community in Liberia called for Unity among Liberians as a means of strengthening the peace and stability of the country to encourage international investors to invest in the Country’s economy.
He praised the Hajj Committee for the unprecedented manner in which this year’s Hajj was organized with everything properly handle including Transportation, Accommodations, Food and Medication on time and proper.
Mufti Sumaworo praised the Unity, Love and cooperation of the Hajj Caravan of Liberians in Mecca for the Hajj.
The Grand Mufti of Liberia also expressed his thanks and appreciations to President Weah for sponsoring over thirty Liberians from across the country to perform this year hajj.
Over three hundred Liberians departed Liberia this for the annual Muslim Pilgrimage to Mecca fulfillment of their religious obligation. Hajj is the fourth pillar of Islam which is compulsory for all Muslims who can afford the trip.

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