Supply Drugs to Government Hospitals

-Margibi County Health Administrator Urges
The Margibi County Health Services Administrator is urging the Government of Liberia, through the Ministry of Health, to ensure that it supplies the C.H Rennie Memorial Hospital in Kakata, and other government referral hospitals in the country with the requisite drugs and services.
Speaking to the press after he and other health personnel were inducted into office he and others as part of the Margibi Health Management Team, the Margibi County Health Services Administrator added that this will help to curtail the many challenges faced by citizens seeking medication at the hospitals. He clarified the wrong notion that everything at the Rennie Hospital is free, is not the reality on the ground, noting that the government must see the need now to equip the hospital to enable the citizens achieve the free medical services that the citizens should enjoy.
Mr. Dorwazia speaking to reporters at the C. H. Rennie Hospital recently when he and others who were appointed on the Margibi County Health Team were officially inducted said only the human services are actually free at the hospital, but the pharmaceutical products are not available.
This drug shortages situation according to him, usually sees patients running from one place to another while at the hospital (Rennie) in search of drugs.
Meanwhile, Mr. Dorwazia is recommending to government that if they will be supporting the health sector’s fifty or forty percent health care delivery, they must make special allotment or procure some support from pharmacists who import pharmaceutical products in the country.
He noted that this will enable them to be able to get key drugs, that will in turn be distributed to the Rennie Hospital and other government referral hospitals in the country.
Mr. Leroy Dorwazia explained: “I will ask, when last you came to Rennie? People are saying that all activities at Rennie are free but mind you this is not the time of the governments in the past year when we had war and the hospital was being sponsored by MSF and other NGOs.
“It is no more so, to see drugs that will be free in Rennie Hospital, those are difficult things to do. The services in Rennie, the human services may be free but the actual thing that will be relating to pharmaceutical products; you can’t find them here; so you find patients going out to buy them,as they are not free”, he said.
Mr. Dorwazia who maintained that he has worked in the health sector privately for the past twenty years in Liberia, noted that he is coming on board with his experience and cooperation, to help improve the health sector of Margibi.
According to him, he is going to take the first three weeks to travel throughout the county, inspecting various health centers to make sure that they are operating in line with the Government of Liberia guidelines.
He added that he will be advocating mainly for the necessary materials that are needed to enhance their work in the mainly government facilities in the country through capacity building.
The Margibi County Health Services Administrator promised that he is going to do everything possible to help the government achieve it pro-poor agenda.

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