Emulate Imam Husain’s Examples

-Sheik Kromah Urges Muslims
The Executive Director of the AhululBay(AS) Assembly for Development in Liberia Sheik Askary M. Kromah is urging Muslims throughout the World to emulate the examples of Imam Husain for the betterment of the society and states.
He said Imam Husain’s was a true Muslims who faithfully save God and man kind through his action which saw Muslims and non-Muslims alike having a true acknowledged that hesaved Islam from destruction by sacrificing his life. Yazid had been successful in winning over the allegiance of the great majority of Muslims, and the rest of the Muslim world was in a state of moral slumberSheik Kromahmade the statement Thursday September 20,18. On the campus of the AhululBay(AS)Assembly Islamic and English School in Jah-Tondo Town in Brewerville City outside Monrovia during programs to commemorate the Martyrdom of Iman Husssin (AS) often referred to as Ashoura.
According to him, it was the singular sacrifice of Imam Husain and his faithful followers that shook the Islamic world out of its slumber leading to Muslims forcefully asking themselves, why was the beloved grandson of the Holy Prophet, so brutally murdered.
He said that the long term outcome of Imam Husain’s actions by challenging Yazid and in the process laying down his life changed the world and re-shaped human destiny forever. Yazid, and indeed all future despots, were put on notice that they would not be tolerated, and that truth and justice would be upheld and would ultimately succeed, regardless of the costs.
Husain was one of the two grandsons of the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.A.W.), and the younger of the two sons of Hazrat Fatima (A.S.), the daughter of the Holy Prophet.
Sheik Kromah told the well-attended gathering that the Holy Prophet used to love his two grandsons, Hasan and Husain dearly, and since he had no surviving sons of his own, he used to call them his “sons,” out of affection.
Sheik Kromah used the occasion to appeal to all Muslims throughout the world to be united and embrace each other as brothers and sisters and at the same time be each other’s keeper.
He expressed the belief that when Muslims are united, it would be possible that they will do many great things which others, non-Muslims will see and also emulate.
“Now let me tell you that, if you plan a graduation party and your neighbor is also having a funeral program the same time you are going to have your graduation program, please cancel it and as symbol of your love for you fellow friend or neighbor,” he said.

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