Mayor Koijee Raps On MCC Achievements

-Cautions Residents to Adhere To City Ordinances.
Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson T. Koijee has announced the arrival of a huge consignment of earth moving equipment into the Country shortly, adding that the equipment was purchased by the World Bank as part of the partnership and support to help the City Corporation maintain a clean, Green and Safe city.
Mayor Koijee said the equipment upon arrival will be used to manage the waste situation within the city limit of Monrovia. He noted that managing waste is a major challenge which needs the collective effort of everyone including international partners with World Bank being of no exception.Mayor Koijee pointed out that the equipment will include trucks, yellow machines amongst others.
The Monrovia City Mayor has meanwhile expressed satisfaction over the level of progress made by the MCC in tackling the serious challenge of garbage which engulfed the city earlier this year.
He called on the public to continue working with the MCC by consistently cleaning their environments.
The Mayor frowned on individuals who litter the streets and throw garbage at random, describing such actions as being unpatriotic.
Meanwhile, the Monrovia City Mayor said the City Government is currently holding talks with petty traders on means to address the issue of street selling, noting that previous engagements with petty traders Unions on controlling street selling have proven fruitful, something he said is a major achievement of the City Corporation.
He further informed the public that the City Corporation and the Petty Traders Union of Liberia are expected to sign a Memorandum of understanding on Monday in Monrovia in accordance with recommendations from previous engagements including workshops.
He reaffirmed the City Government’s commitment to fully implement the city ordinances which guide the behavior of inhabitants within the city limit. Mayor Koiijee said the MCC will ensure that the Monrovia City Police will arrest anyone caught in the illegal disposing of garbage.
He commended residents of Monrovia who are adhering to some of the city ordinances since the City Government embarked on a vigorous campaign to keep Monrovia Clean, Green and Safe within the territorial confines and beyond.
The Youthful Mayor further explained that MCC is in collaboration with her partners placed skip buckets in strategic positions and communities of Monrovia for the purpose of disposing of dirt.

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