Fraud Uncovered At Central Bank Again

-Bank Official Tightlipped
-Coins Minted Reportedly Missing Too
Little did ordinary Liberian know that officials at the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) have been engaged in what others described as “classified” and shady deeds at the detriment of the ordinary people until recently when it was reported that some billions of printed Liberian banknotes went missing; The Public Agenda Reports on latest development from the CBL.While intensive investigation is yet to be concluded into the alleged missing of billions of printed Liberian banknotes, latest information being gathered by the Public Agenda Newspaper suggests that coins that were minted and brought into the country to be put on the Liberian market are also victims of the economic vampires’ plundering spree.
According to the latest report, the coins were minted under the regime of former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf when Dr. J. Mills Jones was still serving as Executive Governor at the Central Bank of Liberia but, the coins were never introduced on the market until now.
Sources told the Public Agenda that the coins were envisioned to alleviate the harsh economic challenges ordinary people are subjected to; this, according to the information, would have provided means for easy transaction on the market; meaning that one could get change on a five Liberian dollar or on any amount spent. At the moment, any item that could cost a dollar or two can only be obtained by five dollars, if not ten dollars, a condition many Liberians are praying to be addressed, perhaps by the incumbent regime.
It is alleged that the unspecified amount of coins were sole by the bank’s officials to certain company or group that has needs for the usage of the metal; according to the information, the secret transaction took place immediately after the departure of Governor Jones from the Bank. The sources say, the current regime has no part to play in the selling of the coins.
The former CBL Governor confirmed that he left the coins at the bank but wondered what happened to the money after his departure.
Meanwhile, when CBL’s Communications Director, Cyrus Bardio was contacted to provide clarity on the matter, he said, “I am not the rightful authority to speak on the matter, ”but failed to name the rightful authority in an effort to satisfy the Public Agenda’s inquiry.
However, investigation continues!

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