Nearly Quarantined

-Court Bans 33 CBL Employees
Magistrate at the Monrovia City Court, Kennedy Peabody, has granted a Writ of NE EXEAT Republica, banning 33 former and current employees of the Central Band of Liberia (CBL); the nearly quarantined employees are ordered not to leave Liberia as investigation into the alleged vanishing of L$15-to 16 billion Liberian banknotes continues.
Magistrate Peabody granted the writ Thursday evening following a request from the Solicitor General of Liberia, Cllr. Daku Mulbah.A Writ of NE EXEAT Republica is issued by a court to prevent an individual from leaving the country.
Magistrate Peabody has also instructed state security apparatus to have those banned from leaving the country arrested if they attempt to violate the court order.
Amongst the nearly quarantined individuals are former CBL Executive Governor Milton Weeks; Deputy CBL Governor, Charles Sirleaf, who is a son of former President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf; Dorbor Hagba, Director of Finance Department at the CBL; Richard Walker, Director of Operations; Cllr. James Jallah, Legal Advisor; Cyrus Bardio, Head of Communication; Amie Rogers, Special Assistant to the Executive Governor; and Kollie Ballah, driver.
Others include Michael Ogun, Senior Advisor; Adolphus Forkpah, MounirSiaplay, Supuwood Tarpeh, Sylvie Tarpah, Joyce Dolo, Director Human Resource Department; Maitta Oberly- Kuteh, Deputy Director Banking and Payment; Marcia Grigsby-Toe, Assistant Director General, Support Service; Musulyn Jackson, Assistant for Operations; and Maaku Amblard Director of General Service.
Additional individuals affected by the court’s edict are Prince Bull, Internal Auditor; Solomon Jaykpah, Internal Auditor; Theodora Jreh, Junior Auditor; Oldada Deshield, Rural Banking Coordinator; Ophelia Nyenpan, Banking Coordinator; Barquolleh Gabriel, Banking Department; Zinnah Darison Banking Department; Williams Dargbeh, Vault officer; Stephen Nyenma, Vault officer; David Wilson, Security Supervisor and Lawrence Sirleaf, Broker; and Mustapha Sherman.
Latest reports say, Businessman George Abijaoudi has been added to the list of persons barred from leaving the country while the investigation is underway.
Meanwhile, the Justice Ministry has assured that everything possible is being done to ensure that all those linked to the currency issue will be probed and those found culpable, will face the full weight of the law.

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