OCL Boss Gets Regional Assignment

OCL Boss Amos Sawboh

-Sawboh Takes Over World Orphans Day
The founder and Executive Director of Orphans Concern Liberia (OCL), Amos Sawboh has been appointed as Chairman of World Orphans Day for West Africa.
Sawboh was appointed by Cheryl Roberson Piggott, the founder of World Orphans Day and the chairwoman of the Stars Foundation which is the parent organization leading the advocacies for orphans across the world; it was reportedly approved by the Stars Foundation United States of America Board.In a communication addressed to Director Sawboh, Madam Piggott stated that Sawboh was appointed because, the leadership of the Stars Foundation has “witnessed the outstanding leadership, passion and commitment to the cause of taking care of orphans as well as bringing multi-national attention to World Orphans Day”.
She also disclosed that Director Sawboh would subsequently be awarded with the ” Heroes of Humanity” on behalf of Liberia by the Stars Foundation for the dedication and the outstanding services he has provided as a public servant.
In an interview Thursday with the Liberia News Agency Sawboh expressed gratitude to the Stars Foundation for believing in the expertise of Orphans Concern Liberia, adding that there were many applicants for the position.
He stated that his appointment as Chairman of World Orphans Day for West Africa was a clear manifestation that when Liberians go globally, there is a possibility to win prestigious positions,
Adding, “I am the first Liberian and West African to be appointed as Chairman of World Orphans Day)”.
He indicated that his appointment has set the stage for Orphans Concern Liberia to champion the cause for a day to be set aside exclusively to be celebrated as the Day of the Orphans in Africa, “our advocacy will now say that there is a need to set a day aside for Orphans in Africa”.
Director Sawboh noted that his appointment further demonstrates that Liberia can lead a global advocacy for orphans,” we can lead the advocacy to say, children who are made orphans deserve the right to live to grow, a right to a family, and deserve every basic needs that any regular child would receive from their patent’s life”.
In related development, Sawboh disclosed that the celebration of World Orphans Day helps to draw the attention of the world to orphans, something according to her him, would enable world leaders, philanthropists, humanitarian organizations to take decisions that will better the lives of orphans globally, “it helps to bring global attention to the call of orphans in knowing that there is a group of abandoned, marginalized children who need assistance for the betterment of society”.
Meanwhile, Director Sawboh has called for the collaboration of the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection for the hoisting of the World Orphans Day in Liberia, since it is the requisite institution charged with the responsibility of advocate for abandoned and marginalized group of people in Liberia.

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