THERE IS NO DOUBT that after sixteen years of fratricidal civil crisis in which over 250,000 people lost their lives, infrastructures were destroyed, thousands were displaced internally or took refuge in other countries, it is obvious that every Liberian should strive to sustain the prevailing fragile peace.
LIBERIANS WHO ARE craving for confusion and violence should therefore have a second thought, and reflect on the damage that war has inflicted on this country that past leaders are still repairing since the intervention of the Accra Comprehensive Peace Agreement 15 years ago.THE COMPREHENSIVE PEACE agreement clearly stated that Liberians have learnt their lessons about the futility of violence and taking the law into own hands. The contents of the Accra peace accord should always be our trajectory to give us direction on what to do to refrain from the pitfalls of the past.
IN HIS MESSAGE TO THE 73rd General Assembly of the United Nations in New York last week, President George Manneh Weah used the occasion to again thank the United Nations for their enormous contributions to peace in Liberia, citing that when Liberia appealed to them, they responded by sending the UN Peeking troops in Liberia where they stayed until peace was restored.
THE UNITED NATIONS SHOULD also be given the credited for providing the conducive security environment until Liberia conducted a peaceful; and democratic general and presidential elections last year, their peace keeping troops that was in charge of security on making an exit after handing over security to Liberians recently.
WHAT SHOULD NOT BE forgotten is that while government has vowed to leave no stone unturned in bring to justice those found guilty of malfeasance in the missing sixty million dollars or LD$ sixteen billion dollars saga, Liberians must be careful not to let the distraction spill over into an orgy of violence, but give chance to the court system to render transparent justice.
SURELY AFTER WASTING sixteen years of our time in a reckless civil crisis, now is time to seize every opportunity to fill up the development deficits and gaps, such as over 11,000 kilometers of road still to be paved, bringing quality education and healthcare delivery to all Liberians and ensuring self sufficiency in food production, among others.
THIS IS WHY WE SUPPORT every initiative on the part of Liberians and the international community that would lead to sustainable and durable peace. As some of the placards during the heat of the Liberian crisis use to read, “We want Liberia in peace, Not in pieces”. “We want peace and the rule of law!”.

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