AMEUMSA Officials Inducted Into Office

The African Methodist Episcopal University Muslim Students Association (AMEUMSA) on last Wednesday inducted into office its first democratically elected officers, to steer the affairs of the association.
Those inducted into office are Vamuyan M. Fofana President, Yaya V. Sesay Vice President, Ismael Toure Secretary General, Fatima Ahmad Barry Assistant Secretary General, Makonady Kaba Financial Secretary, Madusu M. Sheriff Treasurer and Mohammed Sumaworo Imam.The Guest Speaker at the induction ceremony, Assistant Gender Minister Mamesie Kaba challenged student leaders to ensure transparency, accountability and good governance in running the affairs of their various institutions.
Minister Kaba said honesty must start with the student leadership, so as to show preparation for national leadership.
She also challenged the students to strive for excellence in the pursuance of quality education, as a means of preparing for future challenges.
Also speaking, The President of the AMEU Islamic Students Association Vamuyan Fofana said the aim of the Association is to bring Muslim Students together under a single umbrella, in order to live in conformity with the handbook of the University and opportunities for the advancement of its members.
Fofana promised to ensure unity, religious tolerance and preach Islam to ensure non-Muslim students to understand the religion, and work with colleagues to provide financial aid and scholarship opportunities for Muslim students on campus.
Fofana vowed to create a ‘Dawah’ (Preaching) hour on campus to broaden the understandings of both Muslim and Christian students on Islam, conduct periodic cleaning up campaign as part of their services to the University and build a vibrant teachers and students relations.
The President of the AMEU Muslim Students Association is meanwhile calling on veterans, prominent Muslims and Non-Muslims and the public to extend their humanitarian services to the association, to help it realize the expectations of the institution.
For his part, The Chief Imam of Liberia Sheikh Ali Krayee called for religious tolerance, Unity among Liberians and the need to accept one another as brothers and sisters.
Sheikh Krayee explained that every Liberian needs to think about each other, and accept one another as children of God in their humanity.
Sheikh Krayee challenged Muslim students to use their position and education to take Islam and Liberia to another level, adding that he promise to help train the students in presenting Islam to the rest of Liberia while he described the presentation of Islam as poor in Liberia.
The Chief Imam of Liberia urged Muslims to be conscious of the reality of being a minority in Liberia, and must therefore work hard to make lives better for Muslim

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