LCC Vows to Improve Liberia’s Business Climate

By Anthony Selmah
The President of Liberia Chamber of Commerce (LCC), J. Wendell Addy has expressed his administration’s commitment to working hard to strengthen the business climate of the country.
LCC President Addy further strengthen and improving the business climate is vital to his administration.
Speaking over the weekend at the LCC’s first Monthly Business Luncheon held at the Royal Hotel in Monrovia, Mr. Addy reaffirmed his administration’s commitment to working with the government to improve the country’s business climate.He emphasized that the government and the LCC are partners in progress, and that his leadership is trying to address a lot of things within the country’s business sector.
He noted that his administration is ready to work with all businesses in the country, adding ‘we are prepare to move forward and lead the private sector’.
He reminded members of the LCC that a lot is needed to be done within the business community of Liberia, adding that in the past Liberia was up to standard when it comes to business.
LCC President Addy disclosed that he has held discussions with the Finance Minister concerning the African Trade Insurance, which, according to him, is vital for Liberia, long before Liberia had the concept of one stop-shop, for meaningful National Investment.
Meanwhile, the LCC is expected to hold its next Business Luncheon on October 30, 2018.

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