Quiah Gets Youth Group Support for Sinoe Senatorial Seat

By T. Benedict D. Togba
A Youth group has pledged to support the candidacy of Mr. Romeo Quiah, former Superintendent of Sinoe County in the up-coming November 2018 Senatorial by-elections in Sinoe County.
It can be recalled that few months ago President George M. Weah nominated Senator Joseph Nagbe of Sinoe County to replace retired Associate Justice Philip A. Z. Banks on the Supreme Court Bench, following his retirement for maximum age reasons.According to the group, known as ‘Youth United to Save Sinoe County’ (YOUSOC’), “Our decision is based on the fact that former Superintendent Romeo Quiah possesses the requisite experience, including qualifications, competence, moral standing, and the political will to effect the needed transformation and reconciliation that Sinoe County dearly needs.
“The survival of the County when it comes to reconciliation and developments hinges on the decision we, as youths of Sinoe County make in November, 2018”, Mr. Prince W. T. Swen Secretary General of the Group said.
The group, in its statement through its Secretary-General, further said that making former Superintendent Romeo Quiah the next Senator of Sinoe County is in the right direction in that , they ( Youth Group) want to save the County from tribal conflicts and other issues that may further delay developments in the County.
” This youth group is made up of all citizens from the County, people may think this is one sided group, but I tell you the truth , I am the Secretary-General of this group and I am from the Kru section of the County so you see we are for business not for tribal issue here”, Mr. Prince W.T. Swen said.
“ As a true son of Sinoe and dedicated public servant who has served his County and Country diligently , Mr. Quiah’s service including various positions in government, private sector, agro-related and the civil society puts him above others that will later join the race for the Senate”, Mr. Swen said.
Meanwhile, the Youth United to Save Sinoe County (YOUSOC)want to express their thanks and appreciation to their colleagues in the County who received the Aspirant during his acquaintance visit to the county recently noting that they strongly believe that former Superintendent Romeo Quiah has exhibited exemplary qualities, which is reminiscent of his humble beginnings.
They therefore vow to go all out in every villages, Towns and Cities in the County (Sinoe) to spread the good messages of the ‘Team Quiah’, especially to young people that registered as voters in the county, to see to it that when the time comes to campaign they will campaign for the right man, and that man is former Superintendent Romeo Quiah.

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