Fulah Community Presents Cow

-As Birthday Gift To Pres. Weah
The Fulah Community in Liberia on Monday presented a cow as a birthday gift to President George Manneh Weah who recently celebrated his 52nd birth anniversary, during a colorful ceremony held at the Monrovia City Hall, as a demonstration of their support to President Weah.
Speaking shortly before the presentation ceremony, representatives of the Fula Community commended the Liberian leader for the “selfless sacrifices” the CDC-led government has made to impact the lives of people through economic, political and social programs.The Fulah Community representatives included Imam Oury Diallo, women representative Fatoumata N. Bah, Sheikh Yaya Jalloh and the Fulah Business Community Representative Kalilou Diallo.
According to the various Fulah speakers, it is a tough task to lead people, especially to lead people in a post-war country.
They noted that since taking office on January 22, 2018, President Weah has taken the solemn oath to lead the Liberian people by prioritizing a series of objectives of the CDC-led government.
They recalled that when President Weah spoke at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in New York, he highlighted the key issues of education, health, and infrastructure and youth unemployment as burning issues affecting Liberians.
The Fulahs called his debut speech before the world body as a ‘very brilliant’ performance.
“On the strength of this achievement and in line with your birthday, the Fulah community wishes to buttress this government’s efforts for the success of the Pro-Poor Agenda,” observed one speaker.
“The Fulah Community is more than ever committed and fully prepared to support the government’s Pro-Poor Agenda,” another of the spokesmen stressed.
Receiving the cow on behalf of the Liberian leader, the Mayor of Monrovia, Mr. Jefferson Tamba Koijee, lauded the Fulah Community for the gift, and noted that President Weah is continuously mindful of the dream of his heart and will-power, to change the living conditions of his people.
Mayor Koijee thanked the Fulah community, saying that Liberia’s 24th President will never settle down for anything less than the total transformation and improvement of the living standards of his people and Liberia as a whole.

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