Where Is The FBI?

-Confidence Crisis Looms
-Citizens Running Out Of Patience
-“Bring Back Our Money” Campaign Expands
The uproar that unkindly greeted the alleged missing of container truck of printed Liberian dollar banknotes from Sweden between 2016 and August 2018 appears to be far from being over.
Before, it was reported that Liberians don’t usually sustain advocacy in demand for action from their government to address a particular situation which often affects the interest of all; But As The Public Agenda Reports, it is not clear whether the masses who are sounding much aggrieved perhaps, politically motivated or not, over such hostile development want to use this alleged missing billions dollars saga to interrupt such record and set a new pace for accountability in public service. A group of aggrieved Liberians under the canopy, “Bring Back our Money” is reportedly threatening a massive street protest to pressure the Liberian Government to bring to book or authenticate report of the so-called missing billions.
Amid heightening Pres. Weah, in his initial reaction to the unproven missing billion dollars report, called on Liberians to exercise patience and declared that his administration was doing everything possible to establish facts surrounding the allegation.
According to him, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the International Money Fund (IMF) and other financial crime experts from the United States would have formed part of the ongoing investigation; the assurance from the Liberian leader gave momentary relief to the aggrieved citizens and tension little bid subsided.
However, it is still unclear whether agents of the FBI and other international actors anticipated to form part of the investigation are in town or not; recently a senior member of the Presidential Team mandated to conduct investigation on such alleged financial crime insinuated that it was not necessary for the FBI to come and form part the investigation on ground that the team has the ability to come up with credit results; this comment did not get soft landing amongst many Liberians who are already upset about the situation and don’t have faith in the Liberian Government to product credible results at the end of the process.
Whether the Government is interested to bring in the FBI, IMF and other financial crime experts to help with the investigation is something that needs to be established; although the CBL and the Ministry of Finance said, no money got missing as being claimed and reported across the world.
But it appears the failure or delay of the government to make real its promise to bring in those credible entities is generating confidence crisis while citizens’ patience is reportedly running out with a threat of dangerous street protest in days to come, although unconfirmed report say, negotiations are underway to discourage those who are in the vanguard to abandon their campaign.
With just a little over nine month old, the Weah administration is under extreme pressure to clear its name from the alleged disappearance of billions of Liberian dollars which, indicters of the government put at L$16 billion, although it is yet to be established whether such amount was printed under the period under review; what the Central of Liberia (CBL) and the Ministry of Finance confirmed printing is L$15.5 billion so far. How 16 billion dollars business came about is something many are finding difficult to understand.

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