WaterAid Signs MOU with PCC

-For Financial and Technical Support to PCC
As part of its strategy in addressing Solid Waste huddles in Greater Monrovia and the Paynesville municipality, the British charity WaterAid has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Paynesville City Corporation.
The objective of the MOU is intended to layout the terms of WaterAid providing financial support and in-kind technical support to Paynesville City Corporation (PCC) for two projects being undertaken by PCC in the coming months. The first of these is a research study on climate change effects on six communities within Paynesville.
Indicators for this study include WASH services, access to piped water, and solid waste management services.
It will lead to an understanding of the level of adaptation (resilience) of these communities to the impacts of climate change, including flooding, hazmat exposure, fires, and droughts.
The second project is a baseline analysis for a Smart City Market Pilot with local marketers in Paynesville.
The project will look at how a smart city market (one with closed loops) can generate income and be financially self-sufficient and environmentally sustainable.
Potential sources of income could be electricity production where generated waste is turned into valuable products such as biogas for electricity or cook stoves and fertilizers for the surrounding agricultural land.
Other outcomes would include sanitary facilities in place and the local population using them in a correct way, toilet waste is taken care of in an environmentally friendly and sound way, women working at the market feel safe and have access to child care as well as electricity, and there is an increased awareness of the environment, health, and sustainability, and a number of new green businesses are prospering.
Both of these projects will support the development of a master plan and strategy for effectively managing solid waste within the communities of Paynesville.
Implementation of the project is expected to commence this month.
Established in 1981, WaterAid is an international non-governmentalorganization focused exclusively on improving poor people’s access to safe water, improved hygiene and sanitation in developing countries.
WaterAid believes that water and sanitation are human rights. These essential services are vital for health, education and livelihoods; and form the first, essential step in overcoming poverty. With the right political will, resources and drive

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