Assistant Minister Vows to Boost Cultural Sector


The Assistant Minister for Cultural Affairs at the Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism has promised to boost the Cultural Sector of Liberia.
Speaking on Wednesday, October10, 2018, at the Ministry during the official induction ceremony of the Assistant Minister of Cultural Affairs, Madam Margaret Cooper Frank said that she will revamp the sector under her administration. She said the sector has not been active due to poor representation.She said that the cultural sector will be revamped to restore the cultural Heritage of Liberia, so that Liberians will protect the traditional norms of the society which the forefathers left back.
Minister Cooper Frank used the occasion to call on President George M. Weah to ratify the eight (8) UNESCO Cultural Conventions to help protect the cultural properties of Liberia, adding “there are so many benefits Liberia stands to achieve if the UNESCO Cultural Convention are ratified.”
She noted that her administration has embarked on plans to host inter-school cultural competitions so as to raise the interest of students of the culture sector.
According to her, the students will work in renovating the Kendeja Cultural Central in Ben Town on the Marshall High way, to keep the area under safety so that the nation’s cultural heritage will attract the attention of Liberia’s International partners.
Also speaking, the Deputy Minister for Culture and Tourism, Lance K. Gbangonyon who graced the occasion on behalf of Minister Eugene Nagbe promised to work collaboratively to enhance her functions as deputy Minister.
He said that the Culture Minister has vast knowledge and experience in culture heritage of Liberia with the potential to improve the sector and the department.
In a related development, a Liberian popular Artiste, Artus Frank said that despite his wedded wife being appointed as Minister, he would continue to remind her to put Liberia Movie on par with other movie industries in Africa and around the world.
He further asserted that the Liberian Movie Industry has been tirelessly fighting to find her own goal.

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