Deputy Speaker’s Office Debunk Media Story

-Urges Citizens to read Constitution
By T. Benedict D. Togba
The Office of the Deputy Speaker, Hon. Prince K. Moye has categorically debunked the story carried in the ‘Insight Newspaper of ‘Tuesday October 10, 2018 edition under the caution, ‘In L$ 16bn saga: Deputy Speaker ‘Heads for Trouble”.
The Office of the Deputy Speaker terms it as not only a black lie, but just meant to spread evil lies against someone who has lived over the years as a good citizen.Speaking to this reporter , the Chief of Office staff of the Deputy Speaker , Mr. Joshua Better said that the decision taken to print money or mint coins was made by the Plenary of the House of Representatives, and not by a singlehandedly taken by the Bong District#2 Lawmaker, Hon. Prince K. Moye.
“No Lawmaker can be held liable for participating in a decision taken by the Plenary, which is the highest decision- making body of the House of Representatives. I just returned from home (Bong county) on Monday, October 8, 2018, no citizen (s) has made such a call that the lawmaker should recluse himself, in fact no citizen can call for Deputy Speaker Prince K. Moye to recluse himself for a Plenary decision, let our people read the constitution of this nation, they will understand what we are saying”, he said.
Mr. Better said if there is any investigation on the alleged printing of money, his Boss, Deputy Speaker Moye will be totally free from such investigation.
“Bong County strongly reacted to the story and are calling on their fellow citizens to stop the acts of bad politics in the County, something they say will only bring more divisions in the County. They are calling on them to stop what they are doing because according to them elections are over and it is time for developments and unity,” he said.

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