By T. Benedict D. Togba
The Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) and the Yuan Longping High-tech, agriculture Company of China on September 17, 2018 signed a Memorandum of understanding (MOU) to facilitate among them in-depth exchanges of agricultural science and technology and agricultural talents training.In an interview with our reporter over the weekend, the Assistant Minister for Technical Services at the Ministry of Agriculture, Mr. Alvin Wesseh said that the memorandum of understanding (MOU) signed between the Government of Liberia and the Yuan Longping High-tech Agricultural Company will benefit the Liberian People in so many directions.
“They include the training of professionals in the sector of food testing, establishment of standard systems, and will strengthen cooperation in food safety,” he said.
He also stated that both parties will positively advance the promotion and demonstration of the major crop varieties in Liberia, and extend China’s advanced breeding, seed promotion and the cultivation technology of major crops such as rice, vegetables and millets in Liberia, to help increase crop agricultural production.
The young and tough-talking Assistant Minister also stated that the agreement will help Liberia establish a food system and set a standard to ensure food safety in the process of production, storage and quarantine of agricultural products.
He said both Parties agreed to become strategic partners and will cooperate in the aspects of agriculture, including the development of food safety system and the construction of an agricultural information-based service, with a view to promote long-term friendly Partnership.
Assistant Minister Alvin Wesseh stated that the memorandum of understanding urged Parties to cooperate on talents system and co-organize agricultural branches, to spread China’s advanced agricultural technology, and both parties are at the same time are to promote online training courses of Longping College with the help of an agricultural information based platform.
The agreement (MOU) also indentified and focused mainly on dispatching personnel monthly to or from China to Liberia, for exchange and investigating as well as establish a long-term cooperative liaison mechanism, and indentify the liaison of both Parties.

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