“Stop Selling Government Lands”

Hon. Oliver C. Varney, Jr.

– Johnsonville Commissioner Cautions Citizens
By T. Benedict D. Togba
The newly inducted Commissioner of the township of Johnsonville, Hon. Oliver C. Varney, Jr. has pointed out strongly that citizens in the habit of selling government properties, especially land dealers should immediately stop doing so, adding that if anyone is caught in violation will face the full weight of the laws of the country.
He blasted some citizens in the township who are also involved in sand mining, something that he said is dangerous to the environmental structure of the township, adding, “if you are caught in such acts including selling of alleys in the communities, private lands, or doing something that bring conflicts, you will be dealt with according to the laws of country”, he said.“We will do our best for this township in efforts to promote the President’s Pro-Poor Agenda including road construction in the township as this will help to give jobs to our young people. We will work towards ensuring that our young people benefit from these opportunities,” he said.
The new Commissioner made these remarks when the Communities Chairmen Council (CCC) of the township of Johnsonville paid a courtesy visit at his Township’s office on Wednesday, October 10, 2018. Addressing the Elders of the Township, Commissioner Varney, Jr. asked the Elders of the Township to come together for the betterment of the Township.
“I will work with you and in return, I want you to be as my Fathers as I want your advices anytime, the door is open, let us do this so that developments keep coming to this township. Since this township was established in 1887 it is now, that we about to get paved roads in our township,” he said.
Commissioner Varney, Jr. stated that his office will work along with others, government ministries and agencies including the EPA, the Public Works Minister, Internal Affairs Ministry and the Liberia Land Authority (LLA), to discourage those who are in the constant habit of selling lands and doing sand mining in the township.
Earlier, the Chairman of the Council, Mr. Jackson C. Nyenpan heaped praises on the young Commissioner and vowed to work with him as their Leader to make sure that the Pro- Poor Agenda of President Weah led Government is implemented.
The Council Chairman put before the new Commissioner some of their projects before the National elections including the building of a town hall, public latrines and to carry on election of officers in their various communities.

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