U.S. Medical Team To Visit Liberia

Dr. Alvin Nah Doe

A medical team of dozens of specialist neurosurgeon doctors from the United States of America and Canada called the ‘Korlebu-Bu team’, will be visiting Liberia to treat brain, kidney and neurology related patients in the country on humanitarian grounds.This was disclosed to journalists yesterday at the regular Thursday Ministry of Information, Culture affairs and Tourism (MICA) press briefing by two young Liberian doctors, Dr Alvin Nah Doe, a newly trained neurologist assigned at the Jackson F. Doe Memorial Hospital and Dr. Saygbeh M. Vanyanbah, a General Neurosurgeon.
According to Dr. Nah Doe the Deputy Executive Officer at the Jackson F. Doe Memorial Hospital and a General Surgeon specialist, the group will be expected to arrive in Liberia in 2 or 3 weeks time, adding that everything will be done to ensure that the treatment which normally costs about USD$30,000 to USD$40,000 in the United States will be cut to a minimum of USD$175 in Liberia on a case by case basis.
“The Korelu-Bu’ team is mostly composed of American and Canadian medical specialists and has its headquarters in British Columbia in Canada, while many of them are experienced professors and medical practitioners in California, USA,” Dr. Nah Doe said.
He said in this regards they have announced to all medical facilities in the country through their county health team directors to begin the registrations and screening of interested Liberians with brain, kidney and related neurology problems in hospitals and health care facilities in the country, adding that when the team arrive they will be based at the JFK Hospital and the Redemption Hospitals for the surgical operations.
He noted that they will be coming with a huge team of doctors, and their services will not be limited to Jackson F. Doe Memorial Hospital in Tappita, Nimba county, we have decided to do screening at a minimum fee, and have contacted and informed all county health teams, these surgeries are not only expensive but cannot be done here due to the lack of materials.
Dr. Doe who indicated that he is only active Liberian neurologist in the country as 5 others have gone out of the country for further studies, said no Liberian who has expressed interest will be deprived, adding that the charge on a case by case basis means that a farmer with no income for example, will be treated on a free of charge basis, while someone who owns a jeep will be expected to pay more than a student or a driver.
For his part, Dr. Vanyanbah re-emphasized that no Liberian will be denied treatment, although the minimum charge will be about US$175 instead of the US$30,000 or US$40,000 normally charged in the USA for such a treatment or out of the country. He added that most of these doctors that will come will be using their own money to come to Liberia, and for their hotel and travel expenses within Liberia.
He said the name Korle-Bu team is derived from the name of the hospital in Ghana, Korle-Bu hospital where they have also performed the same humanitarian services.
He used the platform to appeal to Liberians with neurosurgeon case to go for screening at their nearest hospital, that is people with ‘big-heads’ full of liquid that can be drawn out, brain and kidney problems, among others.

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