Cinta Commissioner-Designate Speaks Against Land Dispute

Cinta Township Commissioner Designate, Roland Sackie Johnson

By Nyeanean Singbeh
The Commissioner designate of the Cinta Township in Margibi County Roland Sackie Johnson is seriously warning people in the township who are involved with causing land conflict to desist from the act.
He said those who have taken money from others about land and have not signed their deeds and other documents should see reason to sign them now or refund the money.
His statement is predicated upon a complaint given to him by the Margibi County Land Commissioner informing him that there are a lot of problems with land issue in his control area.Roland Sackie Johnson stated: “When I met the Land Commissioner yesterday, he told me he said Roland; there are lots of problems in your clan about land. People have bought land, they have not signed their deeds and other things; there are lot of land conflict. But I assure you that the land conflict that has lasted for a long time, I will solve your problem in a short period of time. I will work for the fruit to be shown, those people you paid your money to that have not signed your deeds, those people that took your land and sold it, I say this is a warning; please signed the people’s deeds or give back the money”.
He made the statement recently in Weala at his residence at an official welcoming program organized by Citizens of Cinta Township, Margibi County.
The Commissioner also called on the citizens to come together and work for the peace, stability, reconciliation, unity and development of the Township. He added that the time for the bitter past is over and the elections carried it all.
He assured the citizens that as a young man he is not going to fail the citizens mainly the young people believe in him. Mr. Johnson further used the opportunity to called on the major groups in the area the Gbaisue Development Association or GDA head by Former Speaker Emmanuel J. Nuquay and the Clarence and Friends Association or CFA headed by Representative Clarence G. Gahr come together and work for the betterment of the Cinta Township.
He maintained that he will work and look forward to a day that will see the members of the GDA and CFA eating together as one people. He appreciated President Weah for his appointment and promised to do everything that will help the government to succeed.
Meanwhile, the welcoming program began with a parade that started around CICO Liberia and ended with an indoor program at his Methodist Community Residence.
In a related development, the outgoing Cinta Township Commissioner William B. SackieJulye has expressed his willingness to working with the new leadership in succeeding. Commissioner Julye thanked President Weah for giving him the time to serve in government for the short period of time.
He noted that he believes that he has passed the stage of being a commissioner. According to him, whatever support that Mr. Johnson will need from him, he will be available to render it if Mr. Johnson will also be willing to work with him.
He lauded the people of Cinta for their level of support to give him during his administration and further told them to give similar support to his successor so as to make him successful in his leadership.
He made the statement recently on a local radio station in Weal, Margibi County where he officially congratulated the Commissioner designate Roland Sackie Johnson for his preferment.

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