Exigent Measures!!

-Pres. Weah Issues Decree
-Addresses Economic Hardship
The people’s president, as he is intermittently described by aficionados, Liberian leader, President George Manneh Weah, is making sufficient efforts to translate his pro-poor agenda into actions.
Besides dealing with perennial issue of roads across the country for accessibility, Pres. Weah has accomplished another significant milestone in his determination to ease severe economic constrain on the ordinary citizen.
In his latest move, the President has issued a decree otherwise referred to as “Executive Order” which stresses the need for exigent measures to ease economic burdens on Liberian citizens and residents, something the Liberian leader noted would enable the people to access the nation’s staple food, rice at all times with ease.These measures, according to a dispatch dated October 16, 2018 from the Executive Mansion, follow former Pres. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s Executive Orders Nos. 11, 19, 45, 61, 70, 80 and 87 suspending import tariffs on rice in the interest of the Liberian people.
Pres. Weah Tuesday, October 16, 2018 issued Executive Order #93 in a bid to keep the nation’s staple, rice, affordable on the Liberian market, which according to the dispatch, takes immediate effect
The Executive Order No. 93 is an extension of Executive Order No. 87 earlier promulgated by Government to suspend tariff on the nation’s staple in efforts to alleviate unnecessary burdens on ordinary Liberians.
According to the Government, the issuance of the Executive Order followed an assessment and evaluation it carried out to determine the causes of increases in the price of various essential commodities and to initiate measures to ameliorate the situation.
“Now therefore,” the Executive Order asserts, “the Government of Liberia in its desire to continue to bring relief to the public, hereby issue Executive Order No. 93, suspending the import tariff on rice as classified under tariff Nos. 1006.30.00 (in packing of more than 5kg or in bulk); 1006.30.00 (in packing of at least 5kg); and 1006.40.00 (broken rice) under the Revenue Code of Liberia Act 2000 with immediate effect.”

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