Liberia to Convene First- Global ‘Sheroes’ Summit

By Hawa Dolley
Liberia is preparing to host, for the first time, an international ‘Sheroes’ summit which, in Africa, has notably been taking place only in Ghana and Nigeria, despite Liberia being the first on the continent to produce a female head of State.
According to a press release, the summit which is slated for October 17-19 will take place in Monrovia, the capital city, and will be attended by prominent African women, including former Ghanaian presidential candidate Nana Rawlings.Others are former president of Malawi Joyce Banda, and former Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, according to Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor, who is a ‘Sheroe’.
Speaking on a local radio program, VP Taylor said the summit is a privilege as it will provide Liberian women the opportunity to unite and discuss issues, especially the low number of women in governance structure across Africa.
Leadership capacity-building, mentoring, inspiration and change in career path to encourage women to be whoever they want to be, are some of the modules for the impending summit.
The event is, meanwhile, going to be open to all Liberian women, including those from the media and civil society groups, rural women, so they can experience what others are doing to inspire them to step up their game and rise to their fullest potential, said VP Taylor.
“It will be an exciting three days and we will be honoring some women champions so they can know how they have been inspiring others through what they are doing,” she said.
“This is a new government and I think it is a new place to start because there are new issues and new programs, there is the ‘Pro-Poor Agenda’ that our President is running with. So, all of us should find a way to get in it.
“That’s the reason why this summit is important… looking at our past in 2005, we are the first country to break the glass ceiling and say we can elect a woman president even though our constitution said ‘he’ shall be elected.
“We need to identify the gaps and what are we not doing,” she added.
Meanwhile, the summit intends to bring together women professionals from the ‘Sheroes’ community and businesses on a common ground which encourages them to share various perspectives and experiences and ultimately improve their respective strategy and execution.
The Sheroes summit is usually a connector platform where diverse women professionals and businesses converge with choices at the center of it all.
It is Asia’s largest women and business forum, held every year in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Calcutta, and Chennai.
Moreover, it provides the space for participants to share new business models and innovations they have worked on through the year with various partners and stakeholders.
It is a chance to bring out the Sheroes from the community, whose stories inspire others and have the power to change the discourse.

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