Gov’t Introduces Voluntary Mobile Money Payment Scheme

Janga Kowo

– To save on Costs
By T. Benedict D. Togba
As part of the Weah’s led-government Pro-Poor Agenda program, the Government through the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning to migrate from a cash-based payment system to electronic payment systems called mobile money.
The mobile money which will be a voluntary enrollment scheme has been introduced as an alternative mode of payment service for all spending Entities and Agencies.Speaking at the regular Thursday press briefing of the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism (MICAT) yesterday, the Comptroller General of the Republic of Liberia, Mr. Janga Kowo said the program is expected to save Government on cost to print checks for employees in the rural parts of the Country.
He said it reduces spending from monthly allowances such as the per diems to enable employees of ministries to go to the big cities in the Counties to get cash, adding that it reduces transportation costs which includes gasoline for vehicles, wear and tear of those vehicles, as well as accommodation issues associated with the current salary payment process”.
“This process has been to be very effective in ensuring that over 4,000 teachers and health workers are paid in a timely fashion thus avoiding them the constraints of traveling very long distances to en-cash their pay checks as well as avoiding their prolong absences from the classroom and health centers”, Mr. Janga Kowo said.
The young Comptroller added that the service will only affect the 20% Liberian Dollars portion of civil servants salaries for those that are on special allowance voluntarily. ”For those civil servants whose base salaries are with Civil Service Agency (CSA) , we are in partnership with the CSA to have it remitted via mobile money based on your approval,” he said.
He said they are also in negotiations with the Civil Servants Association of Liberia to ensure that the process is well communicated to all Civil Servants and Stakeholders.
“We are also informing the Civil Servants that this Mobile Money Enrollment process is fully voluntary and not compulsory as being rumored. This service is just an alternative or optional mode of payment to Civil Servants and not compulsory, it is absolutely not mandatory”, the Comptroller General said.

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