Orphan Organizations Conducts Training

Krissy Close

-To Protect Children Against Abuse
By Ibrahim A.Sherif
Orphan Relief and Rescue Organization in collaboration with Orphan Concern Liberia has conducted a one day training of trainers workshop intended to empower and protect children from sexual abuse and exploitation.
Speaking Thursday in an interview with the Liberia News Agency in Bardnersville, the country Director of Orphan Relief and Rescue Organization, Krissy Close stated that the workshop is intended to train Teachers on how to help children who have been sexually abused, ”We want to train educators, social welfare officers and anyone who interact with children on how to speak to children about sexual abuse and how to help children who have being sexually abused”.She disclosed that her organization has provided the training to many institutions across Liberia adding that the training equip educators on how to prevent and respond to sexual abuses.
“Our dream is that every child will know the four main messages that we are going to teach, and those messages are;I am important and so are you, safety is my right, my body is for me,and I can get help,we want every child in Liberia and adults to know that those messages are true”the Orphan Relief and Rescue Boss noted.
For his part, the Executive Director of Orphan Concern Liberia Amos Sawboh lauded officials of the Orphan Relief and Rescue Organization for the training adding that the education provided will help teachers to protect children from sexual abuse and also on how to identify issues of sexual abuse and exploitation.
Sawboh disclosed that the Sis Iye’s Children orphanage, Comfort Toe orphanage, and the Monrovia Training Academy orphanage were amongst the seven schools that benefited from the workshop adding that participants will serve as ambassadors for their schools in propagating the messages from the training.
He further stated that the teachers will serve as confidential sources, the first point of contact for the children in case of abuse.
Meanwhile, a participant from the All Saint International High school Patience D. Wesseh lauded the orphan organizations for providing the necessary education on how to fight abuses occurring on school campuses.
She also stated that the training has provided the participants with the with the basic information on how abuses occur, how to prevent it and how to deal with children who have been abused.
Wesseh promised to be an Ambassador to her school upon her return adding that she will conduct a day workshop with her collegues, students and also parents in order to impact the knowledge she have acquired from the training.
It can be recalled recently that ProPublica, a non-profit media entity, exposed the occurrence of extensive sexual abuse at the More Than Me charity( MTM), which was establish by Katie Meyler back in 2009,to” help get girls from the streets by putting them in school”.
The investigation, which was conducted in collaboration with the Time magazine, uncovered that upon its formation, MTM began a breeding ground for sexual abuse, perpetrated mainly by a man identified as the co-founder of the charity, Macintosh Johnson.
When news broke about the abuse at the charity NGO in 2014, Johnson was then arrested and sent to court where there was a hung jury. Though he died in prison, reportedly of HIV, Johnson left a trail of victims, who are to live with the scourge of abuse, perpetrated by a man who posed as a guardian at a safe home.
President George M. Weah has expressed deep concern over recent media report at the MTM charity, in which the Government of Liberia has reopened the case involving the abuse.

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