TAI To Host Week-Long Celebration

Officials of TAIversary

The Teaching Artist Institute (TAI) will on November 13th through the 20th, host a week-long celebration of arts and culture in Baltimore, Maryland. The event known as TAIversary is an annual celebration of the Teaching Artist Institute (TAI) which is committed to using art for social transformation.According to Nvasekie Konneh and Kalifala Donzo the USA representative, “during the week-long celebration TAI is partnering with groups like SRDC to curate the art for social transformation component of the events on Nov 16th and 17th respectively”. “By hosting this program, TAI is demonstrating the fact that Culture is the New Currency when brokering Global African Unity by hosting an international African Marketplace each day of the event with vendors from across Africa and the Diaspora as a sampling of the NOMAD 2020 tour”.
Speaking further Konneh said, “Goods and services from Nigeria, Gambia, Ghana and Liberia and throughout the African Diaspora will be on display as well as Art and cultural performances and panel discussions”. “The SRDC is also a part of the Rhythm People Coalition; a TAI led task force dedicated to promoting and preserving the global cultural economy of global Africans and promoting the African Identity in the Diaspora”.
“As its director of cultural outreach, I and Kalifala Donzo, our USA representative, will represent SEHWAH at the event. SEHWAH is a Liberia based organization promoting woman empowerment and sustainable community development programs” Konneh emphasis.

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