NaFAA Boss Gets Prestigious Seamen Union Award

-Commits To Further Empowering Local Seafarers
In recognition of the significant progress made in the Fisheries sector of Liberia, the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Authority, through its Director General has received another prestigious Award from the United Seamen, Ports and General Workers Union of Liberia.
The National Seafarers’ Patron Award signifies the Union’s appreciation for the tremendous progress made towards empowering the Union through capacity building of seafarers, as well as, continuous support to its headquarter offices. Presenting the Award Thursday October 25, 2018 at the Seamen Union office on the Bushrod Island, the Union’s President Samuel K. Siaffa described NaFAA boss as a result-oriented leader who delivers on her promises at all times.
Receiving the honor, NaFAA’s Director General Emma Metieh-Glassco expressed gratitude to the Seamen Union and at the same time dedicated the honor to H.E President George MannehWeah who, she said, is driving the overall vision to transform the Country towards sustainable development through the Fisheries sector.
Meanwhile, in response to the many challenges outlined by the Union, Madam Glassco indicated that NaFAA has heard the plights of the Seafarers and remains committed to ensuring that 40% of crew members on industrial vessels are Liberians, in keeping with government’s regulations.
She further divulged that with the intervention of President Weah, there are ongoing efforts initiated along with the Liberia Maritime Authority to enable Seafarers obtain their Blue Book in the soonest.
The Blue Book is the seafaring license that legally enables Seafarers to board any and all fishing vessels operating on Liberian waters.

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