Fishermen Elect CMA Officials

As NaFAA Makes History
The Management of the National Fisheries and Aquaculture has successfully conducted the elections of officials of the Core Management Association or the Collaborative Management Association “CMA” following an intense election which brought ten fishing communities in Montserrado and Bomi Counties.
The elections which took place Friday November 9, 2018 at the Monrovia City Hall brought together fishing folks from Point Four, Tomah Town, Banjor, Kpekor, ELWA, Bernard Beach, West Point and Degbe Beach all within Montserrado and Bomi Counties.The CMA election was aimed at providing an opportunity to all the Fishermen within the two counties to elect their own Leadership to spearhead the operations of the Core Management Association or the Collaborative Management Association “CMA”.
Following the casting and counting of ballots by the 90 delegates, the CMA elections comprising Representatives the office of Montserrado County Superintendent office, the office of the Collaborative Development Authority CDA and the Ministry of Labor, the Chairman of the Elections Commission Assistant Superintendent for Fiscal Affairs Hon. Eric Vageannounced in the theater of the Monrovia City Hall that P. Nyantee Sleh of point four beach won the Chairmanship position defeating his opponents JangarKanneh of Tomah Town and Thomas J. PalaySr of point four beach40 votes against 32-14 votes respectively. Nyantee Sleh is the former president of the Liberia Artisanal Fishermen Association LAFA, the mother body of all Artisanal Fishermen in Liberia.
Mr. P. Nyantee Sleh won the elections along with other officials including James J. Logan of Banjor beach as Secretary General , Neji Sonnie of Kpekor beach as Treasurer, D. Nimely Fannieh of West point beach as Co Chairman, Abraham B. Warkies of ELW A beach as Financial Secretary and Annie Doe of Doe as Chaplain of Montserrado and Bomi Counties CMA Leadership This is the first of its kind in the two counties as the first CMA leadership was elected few years ago when fishermen in Grand Cape Mount Counties underwent similar electoral process therefore, this is the second CMA leadership within the Liberian fishing sector.
The election of those officials will give them give legal recognition to negotiated responsibilities for sustainable management and good governance of the fisheries resources in the areas under CMA jurisdiction to ensure a sustainable source of livelihood for the coastal communities, provision of voice and platform for fishing community participation in decision making in fisheries administration and governance; and establishment of a framework for coordination, planning and implementation of interventions for socio-economic advancement of the fishing communities.
Speaking following the pronouncement results, the Director General of the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Authority in a jubilant mood commended the Delegations and Observers from the fishing communities for the peaceful conduct of the elections and at the same time pledged NaFAA support toward the new leadership.
Madam Emma Glassco said NaFAA dream has been realized following the elections of Montserrado and Bomi Counties Core Management Association, as result all fishermen in the two counties should now be full compliance of the fishing regulations. She mentioned that formation of CMA in the remaining coastal counties will continue until all those counties leaderships are established.
The NaFAA Boss maintained that “no fishermen will be allowed to operate in isolation of the CMA as such now is the time that “everyone fishing in Montserrado and Bomi become a member of the CMA for the common good of Liberia”.
She noted that Liberian fishing communities stand the chance to benefit immensely from the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Authority through the CMA leadership. She stressed that the cooperation of all fishermen in the two counties is paramount to the growth and development of all the fishing communities.
At the same time, Madam Glassco pledged that NaFAA will equip and furnish the office of the CMA and at the same time provide vehicle for mobility.
Also speaking following the elections which resulted to jubilations among all the delegates and observers at the City Hall, the Deputy Director General for Administration Augustine M. Manaballah disclosed that NaFAA and the elected CMA leadership will sign a MOU before the inauguration of the elected officials.
Manoballah said NaFAA attaches great importance to the election of the Montserrado and as such they would do everything possible to make the CMA functional for the betterment of the fishing sector in the two counties. He said NaFAA Management is “moving on to other counties to establish CMAs.
Speaking on behave of the elected CMA officials, the Chairman elect, Mr. P. Nyantee Sleh pledged their commitment to work toward the development and transformation of the fishing communities.
Sleh urged all fishermen in both Bomi and Montserrado Counties to join the newly elected officials to move the fishing communities forward and commended NaFAA’s leadership for its farsighted in establishing the CMA in Montserrado and Bomi Counties.

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