23 Years Old Man Drowns In Margibi

By Nyeanean Singbeh
Reports say that a 23 years old man of the Methodist Community in Weala, Margibi County has drowned in the Borlor River while going to implement a contract along with some friends.
He drowned on Thursday November 8, 2018 and he was referred to as Watee Kiamue and popularly called TI.
The friends of Watee explained that he drowned while in the process of helping himself to cross the river after four of his colleagues, he making five in number, have made their way across the river by means of swimming.
They also said that they advised him to stay where he was until they find a way to help him, but he refused and decided to help himself even though he could not swim like the others.Watee according to his colleagues got on an old wood lying in the water and made his way in the middle of the Borlor River, which is now rising due to heavy rain fall in the area. But got afraid and decided to return when he lost control and got confused because of fear causing him to drown.
They immediately took the news to the others including his family and people were sent to search for him in the water that same day but did not find him.
Two days later, he was found around the same area by men who were in search of him including the community watch forum members of Weala and ordinary citizens.
The body according to our reporter was already decaying but a fifteen man jury team working along with the community watch forum and the Liberia National Police Weala Detachment headed by Francis Kelemue played their parts and the body was later buried near the river with the consent of the family.
The Liberian Tradition also demands that anyone that gets drowns in a river must be buried near the river upon finding the victim.

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