CRF extends to Margibi

By Nyeanean Singbeh
A Non-governmental Organization Cry Respond Foundation or CRF has extended its activities to Weala- Cinta Township, Margibi County.
CRF aim is to bring relief to children, women and disable people through catering to some their needs. The group is also in the business of impacting vocational skills to its beneficiaries.
The CRF under its vocational skills training program teaches driving, soap making, tie and dye, agriculture, hair dressing and tailoring as well as weaving among others.The organization which was officially launched at the Weala Town Hall in Weala Town- Cinta Township, Margibi County has establishments in Bong and Montserrado Counties with plan to extend to other counties of Liberia.
It was launched by the approval of the Executive Director Miss Princess Pabayee and other executives through the Outgoing Cinta Township Community William B. S. Julye on November 10, 2018 with people from Montserrado, Bong and Margibi County respectively in attendance.
Speaking to reporters immediately after the launching, the Cry Respond Foundation or CRF Executive Director Miss Princess Pabayee explained that CRF was established about three years ago by a group of artist and evangelists who saw the need of founding an NGO that work to bring relief to Liberians of all worth of life.
She said they are now in three counties including Montserrado where they have over three hundred beneficiaries, who are young people with majority being visually impaired and Bong County where there are also beneficiaries as well as Margibi which started training already before the launching.
She named some of the skills that CRF teaches as driving, tailoring, hair dressing and other courses.

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