Margibi Leadership Disagrees

-Over Working With Commissioners
By Nyeanean Singbeh
As the date for the postponed Margibi County Council Sitting, which is expected to be held on November 14, 2018 at the Kakata City Hall approaches, majority members of the county caucus has arrived at a resolution, not to work with commissioners who are currently in offices at their respective control areas, but have instead decided to work with commissioner-designates who are yet to be confirmed.This has brought a disagreement within the leadership of the county with the two senators of the county including Senator Jim W. Tornola and Oscar A. Cooper disagreeing with the five representatives who are Tibelrosa Tarponweh of District One, Ivar K. Jones of District Two, Ellen Attoh of District Three, Ben A. Fofana of District Four and Clarence G. Gahr of District Five.
The Margibi County Superintendent has not shown what side he stands but Margibians surmise that he is in line with the five representatives.
The lawmakers in question did not also include the outgoing commissioners who are yet to turn over their gavels of authority to the incoming commissioners of the county during their district sittings.
They completely involved the various commissioners designate at their district sittings and have also resolved to exclude the commissioners outgoing from the pending county council sitting.
The Chairman of the current commissioner council of Margibi William B. S. Julye has taken exception to the decision of the lawmakers and was heard on some radio stations in the county condemning the decision.
He said it is wrong that the lawmakers will chose to go that route knowing very well that the commissioners designate are yet to be confirmed by the Liberian Senate and they as outgoings are still working and making reports to the office of the superintendent.
According to him, they have decided that even though the incoming commissioners are not by law yet commissioners to operate in their positions, they as outgoings are willing to turn over the mantle of authority if the county superintendent Jerry Varnie can organize a mean through which they can turn over the authority to him who will onward turn the gavels over to the other commissioners.
In the absent of that according to him, they will not sit and keep quiet as if they are coward and do not know what they are doing but will inform the public about the controversy the lawmakers are causing in the county instead of uniting the people through their leadership.
Meanwhile, Commissioner Julye stated that they are peaceful citizens and will remain peaceful and are willing to work with whoever that is willing to work with them even after their turning over ceremony though the president replaced all of them in the Margibi.
He also thanked the president for giving them the time and chance to serve under the CDC government.
The Margibi County District Number Five Representative Clarence G. Gahr speaking to reporters recently in Yarwulie in the Borlorla Township which is also in Electoral District Five of Margibi during his district sitting told reporters that: “ I think this is Margibi, I think one of the counties that has this issue of former commissioners and commissioners designate, If you watch the proclamation made by the president on January 22nd, he dismissed all appointed positions so immediately they were dismissed of their positions and the administrative heads became acting. Definitely, they are no longer in office, so who do we work with? Working with those that are being appointed acting and waiting for confirmation.”
Therefore, mix reactions from the citizens on this issue include some of them agreeing while some of them completely differ with the lawmakers and describe their action as a source of conflict in the county.

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