UCMAS Boss Arrives In Liberia With 11-Year Old Ingenious Mathematician To Launch Program

The Managing Director of UCMAS or Universal Concept of Mental Arithmetic System, Mr. Girish Gurbani has arrived in the country with one of the UCMAS kids to launch the program in the country aimed at improving the learning skills of children from age 4 to 14 years old.
Speaking in an interview with reporters upon arrival, Mr. Gurbani said his organization, UCMAS which has covered twenty African countries is in Liberia to educationally nurture younger generation in order to improve their learning skills including mental and linguistic of children from age four to fourteen years old.Mr. Gurbani who came with an 11-year old boy who is one of the brilliant UCMAS students also came to encourage his Liberian counterparts (Children) in putting in time for their learning skills in order to mathematically stimulate the cerebral energy of the child through the use of UC toosl following the launch of the program tomorrow, November 14, 2018.
He said his organization as done in other countries will be in Liberia to strengthen the mathematical skills of the children, and will also encourage the entire development of the brain and establish the fundamental building blocks such as: Concentration, creativity, problem solving, and essential skills that inspire greater confidence in the brain of the child who archives an excellent academic result but also in other areas of life such as managing his or her time, public phobia, etc.
In the context of a highly competitive world today and in the future, the UCMAS release continue, “UCMAS, Liberia is making available to the Liberian educational system arithmetic, mental, ideal and innovative program to aid in discovering the genius of our children and improve their performance in all areas,” the release added.
“With the view to improving the educational system in Liberia, we are looking toward our program to be eventually integrity into the school system, and strongly believe that this will have a positive performance impact in our national exams, overall academic and professional life of future generation in the country,” officials at UCMAS”.
Meanwhile, he expressed thanks and appreciation to Mr. Wendell Addy for encouraging him to bring this program in Liberia, and is also inviting the public to the official launch of this revolutionary educational program in Liberia aimed at moving the country’s educational system forward from ‘Mess to Best’, for further detail, the website of UCMAS Liberia is: http://www.ucmas.com.

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