LBS Workers Receive US$60 Salary Increment

– As Fahngon Blasts ‘Rogue Newspapers’
The Deputy Minister for Public Affairs at the Ministry of Information, Culture Affairs and Tourism (MICAT) Hon. Eugene Lamin Fahngon has disclosed that workers at the state-owned Radio and television station, the Liberia Broadcasting System (LBS) has been given a US sixty dollars across the board salary increment.
Minister Fahngon made the revelation when he was giving an update on events in the country in his introductory and concluding address at the Ministry of Information, regular Thursday press briefing yesterday.
The Deputy Minister has however used his update occasion to blast those newspaper journalists that engage in unprofessional yellow and sensational reporting out of their own figments of imagination without facts and investigation of allegations.He cited from one newspaper reporting instances whereby six people have divided a large amount of money from the alleged missing billions, adding that ‘it is time that we stop media people from instigating fear, and so journalists have an obligation to ask their colleagues about what prompted this or that headline, and where they get the information from.
According to Minister Fahngon one of his media colleagues Comrade Togba, an editor for what he called a ‘Rogue-newspaper’ cannot up to now answer to his question about who are the six persons that shared the money, noting that this was the same person that said the President was not aware of the missing billions of dollars.
Asked by a reporter about the name of the rogue newspaper and who will benefit from the sixty dollars salary increment at the LBS and the name of the rogue newspaper, the tough talking MICAT deputy minister observed that it is a challenge to any reporter to investigate the name of the newspaper and to find out which of the LBS workers will benefit from government’s salary increment.
Minister Fahngon also used the opportunity to challenge journalists to go around Monrovia to inspect the several road projects that are on course including the Doe community Clara town Road, the phase-ll Somalia Drive and the fact that Liberia, a country listed as the 5th poorest nation is venturing into offering tuition free state university, which even many advanced western countries cannot accomplish up to now.

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