Cuttington Holds Matriculation

By Nyeanean Singbeh
The Cuttington Junior College along the Bong Mines road in Kakata, Margibi County has held matriculation for freshmen students who are desirous of attending the institution.
Matriculation is the process through which students are formally accepted in an institution. The process occurred over the weekend with the President of the Cuttington University Dr. Herman B. Browne, Vice President for Associate Studies Ms Victoria Kolue Kasselie, the Margibi County Education Officer Andrew Jlay, the students (both freshmen, Junior and senior), the faculty, guests and parents as well as the guest preacher Rev Eric Gbogar, Founder and the Overseer of the Love Center Ministries among others in attendance.
The process started with a Bon Fire Night a day prior to the matriculation with the lighting of fire which also signifies that the way is being lighted for them or they are introduced to light.
Making the introduction of the Staff and Faculty during the program held in the Cuttington Junior College JBB Hart Auditorium the Vice President for Associate Studies Ms Victoria Kolue Kasselie cautioned the students to take heed and prepare themselves for the future.
She told the students that to take heed and be resourceful students so as to make them self fulfilled.
Delivering the sermon Rev Eric Gbogar urged the students to take heed and govern themselves because times according to him are bad.
He said some of the students usually want to do anything they see others doing whether they know it or not.
He told them to be focused on their lessons and follow all the instructions that are meant to take their lives to the next stage.
Rev. Gbogar maintained that many young people are knowingly and unknowingly initiating themselves into secret society because of material things.
He further warned them not fall for anything in life or give their bodies and souls because they want be well dressed or have the best of everything life has.

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