MOE Removes 1,164 Ghost Names From Payroll

-As Government Saves US$2.3M
Following a comprehensive payroll and personnel audit by the Internal Audit Agency in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, the Ministry has ordered the removal of about one thousand one hundred sixty-four ghost names from its payroll with immediate effect.
The move will save the Liberian Government about 2.3 million United States Dollars annually.The decision was reached Thursday, November 15, 2018 at a stakeholder validation meeting comprising the Internal Audit Agency (IAA), the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Finance, Development and Planning (MFDP), and the Civil Service Agency (CSA).
According to a resolution adopted at the stakeholder meeting, the Ministry of Education has forwarded the list of 908 ghost names for immediate removal from the payroll beginning this November which accounts for US$1,796,101 annual basic salary.
Prior to the IAA audit, the Education Ministry conducted an internal monitoring process that identified about 256 employees who abandoned their jobs in the various counties accounting for US$568,393.00 in annual basic salary.
Speaking at the validation meeting on Thursday, Minister of Education, Professor Ansu Dao Sonii, Sr. as well as the Director General Emmanuel Nyeswa praised the efforts of all involved in achieving this tremendous milestone.
Meanwhile, the Ministry of Education and the Internal Audit Agency will shortly undertake a joint verification exercise of additional 1,426 names that were identified

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