Amb. Elder Unveiled E-Learning Lab

U.S. Ambassador Christine Elder unveiled an e-learning Laboratory at the Liberia National Police (LNP) Headquarters. This donation included desktop computers, printers, projectors, desks and chairs, and other items. The e-learning lab will expand the LNP’s training capabilities and will also allow the LNP to conduct training at headquarters to augment training at the Liberia National Police Training Academy in Paynesville. The U.S. Embassy will work with the LNP to provide the latest on-line courses and training modules. Also present at the ceremony were leaders from the Ministry of Justice, the Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency, the Liberia Immigration Service, and other civilian security sector entities. All civilian security sector agencies will also have access to the e-Lab.

U.S. Ambassador Christine Elder & LLNP Inspector General Patrick Sudue

Ambassador Elder recognized LNP Inspector General Patrick Sudue for his successful efforts to strengthen the LNP, and for his leadership as head of the Joint Security Task Force. She encouraged the LNP and the other Task Force agencies to continue to work together to provide security for all Liberians, and to combat transnational crime and other threats to Liberia’s peace and stability. Reinforcing the U.S. commitment to helping Liberia bolster its own security, she said that the United States, through its International Narcotics and Law Enforcement programs, will continue to stand by the LNP, other civilian security agencies, and the people of Liberia in our cooperative efforts to create a more effective, efficient, and professional force that provides safety and security for all Liberians.

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