Fire Service Launches Fire Awareness

The Liberia National Fire Service (LNFS) has launched its fire awareness activities in Monrovia. Speaking during the official launch, Col. Alex K. Dickson Director General of LNFS alerted the public on causes of fire outbreak in order to minimize fire disaster across Liberia.
Col. Dickson stated that the initiative is intended to provide the necessary information on how to prevent fire outbreak and how to response in case of an outbreak.He indicated that the awareness was prompted by the nine months survey conducted by the LNFS on the causes of fire outbreak in the country adding that Liberia had experienced 1,11 fire outbreaks of which 11 persons lose their lives. He further stated that in the absence of logistical support the right thing to do is to create awareness to the public on how to prevent the disaster, “So in the aspect of preventing we are going out with a full awareness”.
“As you go out there, educate the Liberian people on the best way they can prevent fire outbreak from their homes, the best way you can stop fire outbreak in your vehicle” Dickson noted. Meanwhile, Director Dickson also disclosed that the Liberia National Fire Service will soon begin a massive vehicle inspection through the length and breadth of Liberia in order to make sure that they are in compliance with the safety rules with regard to fire.
It can be recalled that the Liberia National Fire Service trained 61 of its officers recently in first Aid in order to abreast them with international techniques in rescue operation in the absence of Renault health workers during fire outbreak. The 61 Fire fighters were specifically trained Cardiac Preliminary Resuscitation (CPR) and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) techniques which is very cardinal to the provision of First Aid in term of disaster.

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