Eugene Fahngon Rolls Out Pro-Poor Agenda

-Clarifies Misconceptions over War Crimes Court
The Deputy Minister of Information for Public Affairs at the Ministry of Information, Culture Affairs and Tourism (MICAT) Hon. Eugene Lamin Fahngon has explained the four pillars of Government’s Pro-Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development (PAPD) Document, adding that it does not mean government will be providing 200, 000 jobs every month as interpreted by some people.He said according to President George Manneh Weah, it is left with the people of Liberia, through the National Legislature to decide whether to bring a war crimes court or not.
Speaking at yesterday’s Ministry of Information, regular Thursday press briefing, Deputy Minister Fahngon disclosed that as a result of the ministry of Education’s payroll cleaning exercise undertaken recently, upon the instructions of President Dr. George Manneh Weah. Millions of US dollars have been retrieved.
According Minister Fahngon, cleaning the Education Ministry of ghost names have benefitted government of an amount of USD$2.3 million, adding that another one and half million dollars which will contribute to funding the President’s vision to waive tuition from public undergraduate universities especially the university of Liberia.
According to Fahngon as a further demonstration of the seriousness he attaches to roads construction in the country, the President has recently conducted an inspection tour of major feeder road projects in Monrovia including the Rehab community road, Redlight area, the Doe Community Clara town road, the Archbishop Michael Francis road.
“I will use some time to roll out the four pillars of the Pro-Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development. The pro-poor agenda is to provide inclusive economic growth and income security to all Liberians,” he said.
According to Deputy Minister Fahngon, the second pillar is providing infrastructural development, to make a stable society anchored on the African concept of identity of income security for an additional one million people across the country.
“This means empowering farmers to engage in farming, planting coffee and cocoa and through this we will create 200,000 jobs every week. We are also working to address gender inequalities, ensure expanded social safety for the extremely vulnerable and poor people” Deputy Minister Fahngon said.
He described pillar two as the driver for private sector led economic growth, enhance domestic revenue mobilization for the realization of a private sector led economy so that Liberians will not remain as mere spectators in their own economy. “Liberians must be able to compete in areas of income security and job creation,” he said.
He referred to pillar 3 as meant for sustaining the peace, and government is positively creating the space for all cultures to live in peace and harmony, continue to enhance press freedom and the separation of power.
“President Weah recently said it is left with the National Legislature, the direct representatives of the people of Liberia to decide, whether they want peace or a war crimes court, or the implementation of the TRC Report,” Fahngon said.
He said this year government and media relationship is very cordial in furtherance of pillar 3 which calls for equal justice and human rights. “This government should be on record as number one in the world for maintaining press freedom in its first year next January, adding that they are also strengthening national security to respond to the needs of Liberians,” he said.
According to him, “Pillar four is for enhancing transparency, building a robust and capable state public sector reforms, and ensuring a re-balance of public sector activities, such as decentralization, reducing corruption, halting wastes in government operations while at the same time improving productivity and accountability, citing as an example the recent wiping out of ghost names on the payrolls of government ministries and agencies,” Fahngon concluded..

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