Rice, Electricity Bring Smiles to Many in District #13

By John L. Momoh
Residents of Topoe Village Community and in several communities in District #13 on the Somalia Drive were full of jubilation and singing the praises of President George Manneh Weah’s CDC administration in the evening of November 19, for bringing development to their door-steps.
Some residents interviewed say they are for the first time seeing street lights in several of their communities, hopeful that someday the main roads in their communities will be paved and that the rice expected to be sold at USD$10 will be seen on the market for them to buy.Asked why the credit for the traces of development they are jubilating for can be attributed to the CDC administration, one of them said after many promises and long delays on the part of some authorities of the past administration, thanks to this CDC administration they can now feel the impact of development on their lives.
The residents were also elated over news of the arrival of cheap rice to be sold at the reasonable government price of USD$10 and over speculations that the pro-poor Agenda for Development and Prosperity (PADP) is working out modalities to pave the main roads in some of the communities similar to the completed Doe community to Clara town road.
November 20, 2018 was Election Day to fill up the vacant Legislative seat left behind by Senator Saah Joseph of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC). “It is not so much about party politics, but about what government that is in power that is bringing development to their communities,” one of them reiterated.
We use this platform to extend our thanks and appreciation to His Excellency President Dr. George Manneh Weah for being far-sghetd enough to have realize that it is not too much talking that can develop Liberia, but translating dreams into practical realities that people can see and feel such as the construction of roads, highways, creating jobs, bringing electricity, improving health and education, among others.
Indeed what many politicians are failing to realize is that development nowadays goes hand in hand with international partnership and even inspection or monitoring. It is not only digital, but statistics oriented. The infant and maternal mortality rate, capacity to respond to disasters, access to food, among others
Moreover this time around, the international community also wants to know on a periodic basis, improvements in living conditions of citizens of a country in terms of how many of the population are on job, how many the vulnerably employed, and how many people are unemployed or self-employed.
The pro-poor agenda’s document or development plan takes into considerations Liberia’s average earning power from region to region, and from county to county, and how many people have access to education, communications and health care delivery facilities to map out areas of weaknesses for improvement.
This is why Liberians must instead of fabricating lies, exercise patience with the development initiatives of the CDC Administration of President Weah, as the eyes of the international donor community are on Liberia. There is a perpetual monitoring and evaluation of the Liberia’s development strides and areas of weaknesses.

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