Why Rekindle Hopes for New Investments in Liberia

CERTAINLY THERE ARE many reasons that are eclipsed to the ordinary Liberian, why this country should be considered a paradise for new investors in the years ahead.
THE FIRST ELEMENT of hope is the democratic transition of government that saw the ushering in of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) administration, from a Unity Party (UP) led administration.
IT IS AN INDICATION that democracy and the freedom to choose is at work and that Liberians can objectively decide on changing their government in contrast to those African countries where dictatorship remains the order of the day.ANOTHER IMPORTANT SIGNAL that should attract foreign investors is that the country is endowed with an abundance of untapped natural resources such as the Wologisi Mountain in Lofa County’s mineral resources reserve that some expert feel would be used to fast-tack Liberia’s development in the years ahead.
APART FROM WOLOGISI MOUNTAIN there is also an abundance of mineral resources such as iron ore, gold and diamonds among others spread across the country, that some experts believe if transparently utilized, would be an asset to help take care of paved roads construction across the country, and in Liberia’s county capitals and big towns.
LIBERIA ALSO POSSESS convenient environment for agriculture and the establishment of agro-based industries provided there is transparent managerial innovation and ingenuity and the application of legal instruments emanating from the passage of Liberia’s Land rights Act and decentralization and Local Government Act.
WHAT IS HAPPENING IS that government needs to be proactive in ensuring that some of the gains made by the past government in reducing costs and administrative reforms and modernization are seriously implemented and not abused or shelved, convicts for the misappropriation of government funds should be accountable.
MOREOVER THERE SHOULD be no compromise in the implementation of the President’s mandate concerning the reduction of the salaries of civil servants earning over a thousand dollars monthly salaries and the vigorous collection of government revues.
ACCORDING TO THE LIBERIA Revenue Authority, revenue collection has exceeded its revenue collection target projected for the month of August 2018 by 23%, that is to say collecting USD$ 7.7Million when expecting USD$33.74 Million, with actual collection being USD$41.48 Million realized. There is also the fact that contrary to speculations
INVESTORS MUST ALSO have every reason to breathe a sigh of relief for the several transparency measure that were put in place by the past administration such as the establishment of the Public Procurement and Concessions Commission (PPCC), the Liberia Anti Corruption Commission (LACC) and transparency instruments put in place through the National Investment Commission (NIC) and the National Legislature, among others.
WE THEREFORE URGE every Liberians to stop painting negative images and false rumors about companies leaving such as Total and ArcelorMittal. Let us put aside political differences and strive to promote the development interest of this country.
LET US CONTINUE ROLLING up our sleeves to work assiduously in the interest of the development of this country rather than driving away investors, bearing in mind that it is imperative that Liberia should succeed as an investment paradise in West Africa.

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