Gender Official Attributes ‘Integrity Idol’ Award Nomination To Hard Work

The Technical Assistant for Research, Policy and planning at the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection Patricia Togba has attributed her nomination by Accountability Lab, Liberia chapter for the integrity idol award as a fruit of her hard work she have exhibited over the years in the public space.
Speaking to the Liberia News Agency Tuesday at the Gender Ministry in Monrovia, Madam Patricia stated that she have always dedicated herself to her job adding that she is a good team player that have good interpersonal relationship with others.Madam Patricia indicated that the issue of integrity and honesty comes in various forms stressing that commitment on the job which include timeliness and also the productivity of the employee on the job counts a lot.
“As a civil servant you have already vowed to be a productive person and live as a civil servant, coming to work on time and being productive on the job are very important “Madam Patricia noted.
She added that accountability is another thing that is very important to ones life, “be honest at the job, do what you know you are to do, don’t do what you are not to do; your moral principles count a lot”.
She disclosed that she have contributed a lot to the forward march of other colleagues through pieces of advice she rendered to them, citing that some people appreciate her a lot for that, “through my advises I push them a little in life”.
Madam Patricia used the occasion to call on the Liberian populace to inherit the attitude of serving diligently whenever they are call to serve be it in public service or private, “the world is a place where people observe one another and make recommendations; I will therefore encourage everyone to serve diligently so that you will be appreciated, like what is happening in my case”.
She revealed that her nomination amaze her because she never knew that she was being watched while executing her mandates as a civil servant adding that if she can make it to the top five, it mean that she possesses a quality or qualities that promoted her nomination, “I am so proud of myself and also proud of those that nominated me”.
Madam Patricia lauded the efforts of her parents, past and present bosses for molding her in a special way which according to her influenced her performance on the job positively.
She urged Liberians to have self confidence in what they do adding that self confidence is pivotal to the forward march of every individual, “the statement U can’t make it does not exist in my dictionary; whatever I do I know that I can make it”.
It can be recalled that Accountability Lab Liberia’s Chapter recently communicated to Madam Patricia informing her that she was nominated along with 2,736 honest civil servants and public servants for the ‘Integrity Idol Award’ this year.
The communication also noted that after a careful screening process, the nominees were narrowed down to the best 35.
According to the communication from Accountability Lab Liberia chapter, the nominees have further been reduced to the top five by a panel of three independent judges in which madam Togba is included.
The Accountability Lab Liberia’s Chapter flagship project entitled Integrity Idol Liberia(IIL) Award is intended to name and fame honest civil servants and public servants across Liberia.
The Integrity Idol Award is also a national movement to celebrate which is also intended to celebrate honest civil servants and public servants across the country in order to serve as role models, this project has been in existence for the past three years.

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