LNP Raises L$1.9m, US$9.3k

-From Traffic Violations In 10 Months
The Liberia National Police (LNP) has generated L$1,946,961 and US$9,364 from traffic violations in ten months, the police spokesman has disclosed.
Speaking in an interview Tuesday November 27, 2018, Moses Carter said during the period January to October 2018, the Ticketing Section of the LNP issued a total of 2,279 tickets to traffic violators, with 1,825 paid for and a number of them challenged.According to Carter, about 88 drivers who were issued tickets were warned, while 330 tickets are outstanding.
He said traffic violators who were issued tickets were made to pay their fines into government revenue as the Liberia National Police contribution to the national revenue basket.
Carter used the occasion to warn traffic violators to be mindful as they drive because the life they save may be their own.
He also cautioned that the Liberia National Police will not compromise issuing tickets to drivers who violate the vehicle and traffic laws of Liberia, no matter their status in society.

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