Mayor Koijee Condemns Electoral Violence

-Calls On Ministry Of Justice To Investigate
As the National Elections Commission (NEC) announced independent candidate Edward Papay Flomo winner of the Montserrado County District 13 Representative by-election, Mayor Koijee has in the strongest term condemned recent electoral violence in District #13 Montserrado County.
“I am a CDCian first; I don’t run administration at the Monrovia City Corporation on the basis of partisanship, but rather on merits and competence.
Speaking at a major press conference on Tuesday, November 27, 2018, at the Monrovia City Corporation, Mayor Koijee cautioned Liberians against divisive politics that could be harmful to the growth and development of the nation.He added that the country is heading in a direction that calls for the Justice Ministry to take up its responsibility to avert some wrong happenings. Mayor Koijee referenced recent allegation against him that he instigated the Montserrado County District 13 pre-by-election violence on November 17.
It was alleged that Mayor Koijee moved in the campaign ground of Mrs. Cornelia Krua-Togba who contested on the ticket of the Unity Party with a gun and shot at her supporters who resisted him.
He challenged his accusers to provide proof of their allegation and at the same called on Ms. Togba to retract her allegation. “I blame the Ministry of Justice for doing little to help the situation and failing to recognize that such false allegation puts my life in danger”.
“The Justice Ministry needs to take responsibility. The way the country is preceding, he needs to take responsibility. The Justice Minister cannot be here and you say a senior government official took away the life of a citizen. The Justice Ministry must ensure that we’re all protected. I deserve to be protected also. I could be attacked publicly”.
“It is unfortunate that we have a Justice Minister here who has refused to institute investigation in the wake of a grave accusation on a senior government officials of carrying arms during a political rally by a sitting Senator of Grand Bassa County, and the Justice Ministry cannot do anything about it! I am disappointed and call on the Justice Minister to correct the errors committed,”
“I lived in Gardnerville for so many years, my parents currently live there and trust me , I have not in my entire life been violent and never will I do anything to harm peaceful residents of Gardnerville. I respect my people and my people respect me as well. I trust and believe in them and they reciprocate same’, says the Mayor. My critics try to portray me negatively, but the people I serve know me very well to be a very respectful servant and I will always be. The opposition and critics alike will not defined my life, my life is positive and speaks for itself. We don’t have violence in our nature, we are progressive and are proud of our generation”, Koijee lamented.
“I Encouraged Mrs. Cornelia Krua-Togba, the Unity Party candidate in the just ended District #13 By-election to monster the courage to inform the people that she wrongfully linked me to the killing of two of her partisans during recent electoral violence”.
“I respect Cornelia, she is a young lady who has a bright future and I respect her participation in the recent election, though she did not win but her participation was a win for our generation. This is the democracy we fought for, a democracy that young women like Cornelia can be courageous to contest an election void of fear that she will be marginalized and denied. The young people of Liberia need to celebrate her on grounds that she fought a good fight”.
“I know she wrongfully link me to the killing of two persons which was a complete misrepresentation of the fact. By now, I think she stills has the time to be remorseful and apologize for the false story”.
“We as young people can’t continue to fight each other; we should be able to protect each other. This is the reason I have never and will not criticize any young person who is given the opportunity to serve our country. My only encouragement to every young person given the opportunity to serve Liberia is to serve with distinction and work in the interest of the State and its people” Koijee lamented.
“I also encouraged Grand Bassa County Senator Younblee Karnga-Lawrence to follow suit and express regret for her action for linking me to the recent electoral violence”.
“I known Senator Lawrence for many years and least expected her to link me to an allegation without confronting me or having substantial evidence”. “I heard that Senator Lawrence wrote the Senate, complaining me of being ruthless, accusing me of even parading with men who had cutlasses and dangerous weapons during the just ended by-election in District#13. She posted on her Facebook page that I had gun but these are allegations without facts. I don’t have gun, how can I parade with one. Anyway, I will be graciously willing to appear before the senate when I am invited to explain my side of the story”, Mayor Koijee said.
Mayor also clarified rumors of his graduation from the University of Liberia in early December, 2018, “I never been a fake man and will not be engaged in any fraudulent act only because I wants to obtain a degree”. “I am not ashamed of being a student of the University of Liberia; I dropped from school before for a genuine cause, now I have achieved that cause, I have proudly enrolled at the University of Liberia to pursue higher education. When the appropriate time reaches, I will graduate”.
The City Mayor also frowned on the rising wave of street protest around the country, describing it as unlawful and lamented that the Liberia National Police and the Ministry of Justice are failing to act on the unlawful protests.
“Everywhere people are just blocking streets. How can blocking streets become the order of the day in this country and the Justice Minister sits supinely and does nothing about that?”

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