W/Bank Responds To Public Agenda

During a recent protest action in the Township of Caldwell, Montserrado County for power connection which nearly turned violent, the Public Agenda Newspaper made some efforts to contact the World Bank (W/B) on the matter.
The power (electricity) connection program in Caldwell and other areas in Monrovia and its environs is being sponsored by the World Bank and implemented by a foreign firm. When the project was launched months ago in Caldwell, the World Bank, the Liberian Government and the contractors all promised that by December 2018, the connection exercise would have completed.
Unfortunately, residents in the area were not updated about any challenge that prompted whatever delay in the completion of the project on time; the young people of the area used the silence of the Government and its partners as an excuse to justice their protest action to claim attention and understand the circumstances surrounding the delay in the continuation of the project.
However, in its response to Public Agenda Newspaper’s inquiry on the matter, the World Bank confirmed that it is aware of recent protests in Caldwell in demand for electrical connectivity and said, the Bank was committed to working with the Liberian Government to extend modern, affordable and reliable energy services to all of its citizens.
”In order to ensure that the works and resettlement action plans are implemented in line with high environmental and social standards, the World Bank is supporting the Government of Liberia in the preparation of the required documents — Resettlement Action Plan and Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Report”.
According to a dispatch from the Bank’s Monrovia-based Communication Department, as soon as the documents are finalized and validated, the works in Caldwell will recommence.

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