Weah Becomes Tough Against Corruption

THE QUESTION WHETHER His Excellency, Pres. George Manneh Weah is apt to succeed in the current war that he has waged against corruption in his government as he is showing no compromise and no tolerance to every form of corrupt practices in government is a topical subject of debate.RECENTLY WHEN THE Director General of the National Housing Authority (NHA) Mr. Duannah Siryon and others were allegedly involved in corrupt practices involving hundreds of thousands of U.S dollars meant for implementing the construction of over 500,000 low cost housing for the poor people of this country.
IT WAS COMMENDABLE THAT government’s security apparatus acted promptly enough following a tip-off, by ordering the arrest and prosecution of the alleged suspects. The NHA boss was detained at the Monrovia Central Prisons pending court trial.
THIS TIME AROUND AFTER having declared his assets, President Weah is at a recent cabinet meeting urging his cabinet ministers to do due diligence by declaring their assets to the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) as he had done.
WHAT SEEMS TO BE THE reason why some cabinet ministers are dragging their feet to declare their assets may have been caused by the long delays that marked the President himself declaring his assets sometimes ago even though he later complied within the specified time frame according to reports.
SURELY THE PROTRACTED PERIOD that the President took to declare his assets, declaring them only after intense media wrangling now seems to be an action of the past, as the President is to be serious in showing zero tolerance and non-compromise with any form of corruption in his government.
THE LIBERIAN LEADER, WHO commended his cabinet for their laudable efforts in meeting the goals of his government, said he would not tolerate delays and excuses by delinquent members of the Cabinet on the declaration of their assets.
ACCORDING TO PRESIDENT WEAH the entire country have much to benefit when officials demonstrate probity which comes with transparency and accountability, as he had promised they would do better, which is why besides asset declaration, transparency and accountability also adds value to the government and makes the government responsible to citizens and the international community.
PRESIDENT WEAH HAS ALSO instructed all government ministries, agencies and commissions to submit their procurement plans to the Ministry of Finance and the Public Procurement and Concession Commission (PPCC) in the shortest possible time and ordered that ministries or agencies failing to submit their procurement plan will be denied their allotments.
“I AM ORDERING THE MINISTER of Finance not to honor or execute any payment to any ministry or agency failing to submit its procurement plan,” the President said.
INDEED KEEPING FAITH with the Liberian people as the CDC administration near one year of existence depends on living by examples; considering that those who preach probity should themselves make sure that they have clean hands.
THIS IS WHY AS THE first anniversary of the historic January 22, 2018 draws near, it is incumbent on officials of government to ensure that critical actions and policies agreed upon at the beginning of the government, be implemented or at least substantially implemented so that the larger Liberian public will continue to have confidence in the pro-poor agenda for development and prosperity policy document..
WE COMMEND THE PRESIDENT for the bold steps taken to weed out corruption in the government, and do hope that as the President has begun in earnest to change the paradigm by setting the brightest examples against any form of corruption and illegal accumulation of wealth from public coffers in the Liberian society, others in the Liberian society including members of cabinet and officials of government will join the bandwagon.
IT IS INCUMBENT ON ALL and sundry to exercise a minimum degree of transparency and accountability in our day to day undertakings, as this the only way to move the development of Liberia forward.

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