“Chosen Trauma”

Project Coordinator, Atty. Sagie F. Kamara, Sr

-Kailahun Citizens To Memorialize 300 Dead Relatives
Written by: Paul M. Kanneh
It appears like the memory of the Liberian civil crisis is still fresh on the minds of Liberians even though the war ended some 15 years ago. Several communities are seeing putting up memorial park in recognition of their dead relatives who got massacred by brutal rebel factions. Some of these massacres were led by sons and daughters of the people, some of whom are being rewarded state power by their own victims despite inflicting such huge wounds on them. Some Liberians and the world over have continuously pondered over decision by the youthful Liberian population to give power to those who jeopardized their early development and put their future at risk.
Well, one group that has thought to give respect to their fallen relatives is the Kailahun Citizens Development Association (KCDA). The group recalled how 300 hundreds of their love ones and relatives were slaughtered and buried in a mass grave in 2001 by forces loyal to Charles Taylor. The Association Program and Project Coordinator, Atty. Sagie F. Kamara, Sr. told the press that the project is a joint initiative of both Monrovia and Lofa based relatives and love ones of those massacred.
“The project launch is organized by citizens of Kailahun who are all victims of massacre which took place on June 20, 2011”, Atty. Kamara said. According to him, the memorialization program will take place on December 24, 2018 at the hour of 10:00 am in Kailahun town, Lukambeh District, Lofa County.
He said the mass grave contains the remains of 300 unarmed civilians who were tortured and brutally murdered in cold blood by government forces under the leadership of former President Charles G. Taylor.
Asked as to the objective of such initiative when the citizens have almost forgotten, he stated that the aim of the mass grave memorial park is to give due recognition to their loving brothers and sisters who were massacred during the brutal war. “With this project, we also hope to retain an indelible record in the history of Liberia, about the deadly consequences of rebellion, civil unrest and cruelty to human kind”, he emphasized.
He intimated that the program will be graced by stakeholders from the county and human rights organizations. Representative Clarence Massaquoi of District #3 is expected to serve as Chief Launcher of the memorial park. During this day, Kamara averred, that the project design and cost will be unveiled to participants.
He urged individuals and stakeholders to make contribution to the project, adding, the initiative should claim the attention of every well-meaning citizen. He put the cost of the project at 3,133 United States Dollars.

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